Sermon Series
  • 1. Hope

    Contributed on Nov 29, 2002
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    A sermon looking at the theme of Hope in the OT, and how it kept the Jews going. The NT fulfillment of that hope. But how We, in NT era, still Hope for - a) Here and now, b) His coming, and c) Heaven

    Hope. Roms 15:4-13 WBC Sun 1 Dec 2003 pm Intro This is the first Sunday in advent. Traditionally in advent look at: - JTB, ¡§the forerunner¡¨ Preparing the way - Christ¡¦s second coming. Judgement But this Sunday it is traditional to look at ¡¥the advent hope¡¦. But, first- let me more

  • 2. Jesus And His Bride

    Contributed on Dec 4, 2003
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    A look at Jesus’ desire to have a bride, from OT to NT to Second Coming.

    Jesus and His bride. Advent 2. 7/12/03am WBC Mt 22:1-13, 1 Thess 4:16-18, Rev 19:6-9 Topic chosen because - Advent: look at return of Christ - Alpha: looked at church. Not a building but described as: ¡¥family of God¡¦, ¡¥body of Christ¡¦ and ¡¥bride of Christ¡¦ o Realised there¡¦s just SO more

  • 3. The Second Coming (Or "2006- The End Of The World?")

    Contributed on Dec 5, 2003
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    A sermon with a Mission application to the question "when will the end of the world be?"

    The Second coming (or “2006- the end of the world? “) Matt 24:1-44 WBC 7/12/03pm BBC Two, Thursday 20 November 2003, 9pm- Horizon In November of 2003, the BBC carried this report on it’s science show called Horizons: “Michael Drosnin is an American journalist and best selling author. He has more