Sermon Series
  • 1. Avoiding The Mistake Of Sexual Immorality

    Contributed on May 8, 2007
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    Samson made many mistakes with regard to sexual immorality. Let’s learn from his mistakes, not our own.

    Introduction: A. The story is told of a church secretary who would typically answer the phone saying, “Jesus loves you. Karen speaking. How may I help you?” 1. One day she was distracted when the phone rang, and she answered, “Karen loves you. Jesus speaking. How may I help you?” 2. There more

  • 2. Avoiding The Mistake Of Materialism

    Contributed on May 8, 2007
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    The mistake of materialism leads to destruction. In this sermon look at what happened to four people who feel into the trap of materialism.

    Introduction: A. One of the biggest mistakes we can make in life is to buy into the myth that more is better and that money and the things it can buy will make us happy. B. All he ever wanted was more. 1. He wanted more money so he turned inherited wealth into a billion dollars worth of more

  • 3. Avoiding The Mistake Of Pride

    Contributed on May 24, 2007
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    In this sermon we try to learn from five Biblical examples of the destructive nature of pride.

    Introduction: A. There’s a story told about Vince Lombardi, the legendary coach of the Green Bay Packers who was named "Coach of the Century" by ESPN. 1. Late at night, after coaching one of his greatest playoff victories, he tried to climb into bed with his wife without waking her, but his cold more

  • 4. Avoiding The Mistake Of Revenge

    Contributed on Jun 5, 2007
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    Seeking revenge ends up hurting us more than anyone. Look at how that truth is discovered in Haman’s situation.

    Introduction: A. When I was growing up, my favorite cartoons were the Warner Bros “Looney Tunes.” 1. There was Bugs Bunny “What’s Up Doc?”, Daffy Duck, and Elmer Fud. 2. There was Tweety Bird “I taught I saw a Puty Tat”, Sylvester the Cat, and Granny. 3. There was Pepe Le Pew, Marty Martian, more

  • 5. Avoiding The Mistakes Of Parenting (Part 1 - Favoritism)

    Contributed on Jun 14, 2007

    Showing favoritism in our parenting is a mistake we will want to avoid.

    Introduction: A. I hope you are enjoying our series on Avoiding Life’s Biggest Mistakes; I sure am! B. This Sunday and next Sunday, I want to address the subject – “Avoiding the Mistakes of Parenting.” 1. Today we are going to address the mistake of favoritism. 2. And, Lord willing, next more

  • 6. Avoiding The Mistakes Of Parenting (Part 2 - Discipline)

    Contributed on Jun 19, 2007
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    One of the biggest mistakes parents can make is not properly disciplining their children. In this lesson we look at the tragic examples of some biblical characters who did not discipline their children. The sermon ends with some suggestions for proper d

    Introduction: A. Happy Father’s Day to all our dads. 1. Let me start with a little Father’s Day humor. 2. One time a little boy was asked to define Father’s Day and he said, “Its just like Mother’s Day, only you don’t spend as much on the present.” B. I have a Top 10 List for you: Top Ten more

  • 7. Avoiding The Mistake Of Anger

    Contributed on Jul 10, 2007
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    We can learn from the example of Moses that we must not let anger get the best of us.

    Introduction: A. A man with a terrible temper, was playing a round of golf with his preacher. 1. After leaving three straight putts on the edge of the cup, the man exploded, “I missed again!” “How could I miss?” 2. With that he heaved his putter into a nearby lake, kicked a wheel on the golf more

  • 8. Avoiding The Mistake Of Impatience

    Contributed on Jul 10, 2007
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    Abraham and Sarah grew impatient and took matters into their own hands. If we are not careful, we can make the same mistake.

    Introduction: A. The story is told of two little boys who were waiting for breakfast one morning. 1. As their mother was preparing some pancakes, the boys began to argue loudly over who would get the first one from the griddle. 2. Their mother saw an opportunity to teach a lesson. 3. She said, more

  • 9. Avoiding The Mistake Of Alcohol And Drugs

    Contributed on Jul 24, 2007
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    Substance abuse is dangerous and detrimental. In this lesson we learn from the mistakes of biblical characters.

    Introduction: A. During the days of prohibition, an evangelist was preaching against the evils of alcohol. 1. He demonstrated the destructive force of the demon drink by dropping a worm into a bottle of whiskey. 2. By the time the worm hit the bottom of the bottle, the worm was dead. 3. The more

  • 10. Avoiding The Mistake Of Rebellion

    Contributed on Aug 6, 2007
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    In this lesson we look at the way God reacted when Israel rebelled against Moses on two occasions. God wants us to submit to and cooperate with the authorities he has placed in our lives.

    Introduction: A. One of my embarrassing ministry mistakes came early on, while I was still in school at Harding. 1. I was working part-time as a minister for a congregation outside of town named the Highway Church of Christ. (Yes, it was right next to the highway.) 2. Anyhow, I was teaching a more

  • 11. Avoiding The Mistake Of Disobedience

    Contributed on Aug 7, 2007
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    To obey is better than sacrifice. Saul learned that lesson the hard way.

    Introduction: A. The story is told of a lady who went to the Post Office to mail a gift to a friend. 1. The clerk looked at the package and said, “Is there anything breakable in here?” 2. The woman immediately responded, “Yes, there is a Bible with all its commands in that box.” B. One man more

  • 12. Avoiding The Mistake Of Lying

    Contributed on Jan 15, 2008
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    Ananias and Sapphira found out what a big mistake lying really is. Hopefully we can also learn to avoid that mistake.

    Introduction: A. Today’s lesson completes the series we have been in called “Avoiding Life’s Biggest Mistakes.” 1. I hope and pray that the series has been a blessing to you! 2. The last topic in our series is “Avoiding the Mistake of Lying.” B. You’ve probably heard the old story of the more