Sermon Series
  • 1. Bless More People

    Contributed on Dec 21, 2011
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    How does giving gifts to your family and friends honor Jesus? Are you thinking about Jesus as you buy the gift at Wal-Mart? When you are wrapping it? When you give it to the person? Sometimes our reasons to give are not healthy. Let’s take a look at what

    Christmas Conspiracy/Reclaim Christmas Series Bless More People Bruce B. Miller Bless more people I heard a story of a lady who was out Christmas shopping with her two children. After many hours of looking at row after row of toys and everything else imaginable, and after hours of hearing more

  • 2. Give More Presence

    Contributed on Dec 21, 2011
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    The Christmas Conspiracy is about seeing the deeper significance of Christmas and finding the joy that can be ours. This series is rooted in the desire to experience the true meaning of Christmas.

    Christmas Conspiracy/“Reclaim Christmas” Series Give More Presence Bruce B. Miller Give More Presence Some of you hate the holidays. You just want to get through them as emotionally unscathed as possible. Others are too busy to slow down and celebrate. We can so easily miss the deep more

  • 3. Christmas Salvation

    Contributed on Dec 22, 2011

    This sermon is about one of the favorite verses in the Bible, John 3:16.

    Christmas Eve Sermon Christmas Salvation John 3:16 Bruce B. Miller Christmas Salvation Merry Christmas! Welcome. Tonight you are going to hear about one of the most famous verses in the Bible. This verse gives the meaning of Christmas in one sentence. Let me tell you the story of where the more

  • 4. Celebrate Jesus

    Contributed on Dec 29, 2011

    It’s time we reclaimed Christmas and that is what Christmas Conspiracy is all about.

    Christmas Conspiracy/Reclaim Christmas Series Celebrate Jesus/Matthew 2 Bruce B. Miller Celebrate Jesus Matthew 2 Even though you may still be eating left-overs, Thanksgiving is over and it is Christmas time. We did not dare go shopping on black Friday? Who here braved the stores on Friday? more