Sermon Series
  • 1. The Hope Of Singing

    Contributed on Dec 10, 2020
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    Let us prepare for the birth of Christ with songs of joy and thanksgiving. Let us sing as God’s people with one unified voice. Let us come closer together as God’s children as we sing His praises.

    The Hope of Singing Isaiah 35:1-10 There was once a woman who was talking to her parents who had recently retired. Her mother had always wanted to learn how to play the piano, so her father bought a piano for his wife’s birthday. A few weeks later, the woman asked her father how she was doing with more

  • 2. The Hope Of Light

    Contributed on Dec 5, 2020
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    Christmas is the season of “The Hope of Light.” The hope that everyone in the world will be able to experience the same happiness, joy, and salvation which God has blessed you with.

    The Hope of Light Isaiah 2:1-5 Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, we are now in the Christmas Season. People often miss the point when it comes to Christmas. For some, this season is simply an opportunity to throw parties and exchange gifts. Some see it simply as an opportunity to eat, drink, more

  • 3. The Hope Of Presence

    Contributed on Dec 19, 2020
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    Heaven came down for us, and salvation was given to us. God came to dwell with us, and within us, and with all mankind. We are no longer in bondage of sin and death, and we are no longer alone. God is with us.

    The Hope of Presence Isaiah 7:7-14 Today we will meditate on one of the most famous and loved messianic prophecies from the book of Isaiah. Isaiah the prophet prophesied to us about the coming Messiah. Isaiah 7:14 “Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign: Behold the virgin shall conceive more

  • 4. The Hope Of Salvation

    Contributed on Dec 24, 2020
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    God came into this world to become our Savior. So that He could be the blameless lamb who was slain for our sins. He who knew no sin, became sin, so that we may be saved. God came into this world with the fullness of love.

    The Hope of a Savior Isaiah 9:6 Since Thanksgiving, the shopping malls have been telling us that "It is the most wonderful time of the year." And it is - for them. For many others, however, it can have many mixed emotions. Christmas is not the same as it was when we were children. As an more