Sermon Series
  • 1. Learning How To Love

    Contributed on May 30, 2003
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    Love is a choice and a matter of conduct. As we ask God to grow this foremost fruit in our lives, we will be well on our way to experiencing growth in all the other areas.

    Learning How to Love Rev. Brian Bill 6/10/01 Last week we tackled the very difficult question, “What Happens When You Die?” Several of you commented afterwards that we don’t hear enough sermons about Hell in church today. Well, this morning, we’re kicking off a brand-new series called, more

  • 2. Journeying To Joy

    Contributed on May 30, 2003
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    Being joyful is more than just being happy. We’ll focus on the true meaning of joy and look at several “joy-busters.”

    Journeying to Joy Rev. Brian Bill June 15, 2001 Our family spent this past Wednesday at a Water Park up in God’s Country. We had a blast! There were lots of smiles and laughter. The girls really liked the wave pool and we all enjoyed slides with names like the “Corkscrew,” “Twister,” and more

  • 3. Preparing For Patience

    Contributed on May 30, 2003
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    Since patience means “slow to get angry,” we’ll focus on some of those things that cause us to burn with anger so that we can learn the discipline of waiting

    Preparing for Patience Rev. Brian Bill July 1, 2001 A truck driver sat down to eat at an all-night restaurant. The waitress had just served him his meal when three guys riding Harley’s showed up and swaggered into the diner. One grabbed the man’s hamburger; another took a fistful of his more

  • 4. Gliding Toward Goodness

    Contributed on May 30, 2003
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    Wouldn’t it be great if we were known as people who were “full of goodness”? As we submit to Christ, this will be said of us!

    Gliding Toward Goodness Rev. Brian Bill 7/15/01 Several people have asked us if we had a good vacation. We actually had a very good time. The weather was chilly, but good. The girls swam several times each day, went on a good boat ride, and had a good time playing in the forest. Our family more

  • 5. Flourishing In Faithfulness

    Contributed on May 30, 2003
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    Since God is forever faithful to us, He desires for us to be faithful to Him and to others. A faithful person walks in the truth not matter what happens to him.

    Flourishing in Faithfulness Rev. Brian Bill 7/22/01 Someone asked me a couple weeks ago if the jokes I hear about Wisconsin offend me. I told him that I ask for it by bringing up “God’s Country” so often in my sermons. That reminds me of the man who decided to write a book about more

  • 6. Germinating Gentleness

    Contributed on May 30, 2003
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    A gentle spirit gives the world a taste of the presence of Jesus. As we become as gentle as Jesus, we will treat others like He does.

    Germinating Gentleness Rev. Brian Bill 7/29/01 Pastors are not always known for their gentleness because many of us talk too long or preach too loud. On the other hand, people are not always real gentle with pastors either. I heard about a minister who received a note from more

  • 7. Seizing Self-Control

    Contributed on May 30, 2003
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    When the fruit of self-control is not evident in our lives, we’re vulnerable to all kinds of relational ruptures. When the Spirit controls us, we will demonstrate restraint in our lives.

    Seizing Self-Control Rev. Brian Bill 8/5/01 This past Sunday afternoon, three of us jumped on a plane and flew to Michigan to interview an applicant for our Associate Pastor of Student Ministries position. Scott Petersen, who is a member here at PBC and runs the airport in town, made the more