Sermon Series
  • 1. God's Remedy For Stress

    Contributed on Mar 12, 2001
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    By suffering the punishment of our sins, God has given us a lasting remedy for the stress caused by guilt.

    Stress. Anxiety. Pressure. It comes in many forms. The cry of a baby at 3:00 in the morning. A huge presentation at work. A sound system that doesn’t want to work when you’re about to have your first services in Doral. The loss of a spouse. The news that your father has alzheimers. The more

  • 2. God's Remedy For Stress 2

    Contributed on Mar 19, 2001
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    God can help us with the stress caused by the world around us.

    Forty three percent, almost half of all American adults, suffer adverse health affects due to stress: migraines, high blood pressure, acne, fatigue, depression... One million workers here in the United States are absent on an average workday due to stress related complaints. Stress is real and it more