Sermon Series
  • 1. Whodunit?

    Contributed on Jun 13, 2004
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    Who killed Jesus?

    WHODUNIT (MK 14:40-43) Nobody could have predicted the controversy that erupted over the Aramaic-speaking, English-subtitled movie “The Passion of the Christ.” Months before the film’s release, rabbis went on the offensive and questioned publicly the appropriateness of such a movie. It seems that more

  • 2. The First Easter Evangelists

    Contributed on Apr 4, 2007
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    THE FIRST EASTER EVANGELISTS (LUKE 24:1-12) A Catholic sister, Sister Chris Schenk, was shocked when she took theology classes several years ago (1994) that taught Mary Magdalene, “a woman who had been one of Jesus’ most courageous apostles had been turned into a prostitute.” Then Schenk learned more