Sermon Series
  • 1. How To Walk On The Water

    Contributed on Aug 14, 2004
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    Learn the principles behind Peter’s experience of walking upon the water: (1) Take the first step out in response to God’s call (getting our feet wet first), and (2)understand that faith grows through these steps!

    Jesus experiences the power of God when He was ministering on earth. We see the manifestations of that power through the miracles He performed. Jesus had faith in the Father, and had the confidence that God will give Him the power to accomplish His purposes. We can live our life with that kind more

  • 2. How To Face Incredible Odds

    Contributed on Aug 14, 2004
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    We can overcome incredible odds in life when we put our trust in (1) His awesome power, and (2) His amazing love, for us!

    Last week - we look at Peter’s walk upon the water and learn 2 things: 1. We experience the power of God when we take the first step... Put our feet to work, we will see God at work in our lives. 2. Our faith in God grows through experiences with Him in these STEPS - take it step by step. Faith more

  • 3. How To Tap On His Power

    Contributed on Aug 21, 2004
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    From this healing of the crippled man, we see the God’s power flows (1) where there is PRAYER; (2) where there is EXPECTANCY, and (3) where HE WILL BE GLORIFIED.

    Look at another event where the power of God flows... Read ACTS 3:1-10 It’s 3.00pm in the afternoon (the hour of prayer in the Temple), Peter & John head up to join the rest. And on the way in, as they came to the Gate called Beautiful (a gate inlayed with gold and precious stones, an more