Sermon Series
  • 1. Following Jesus To The Jordan River

    Contributed on Jan 14, 2021

    Did you ever play "follow the leader" as a kid? Sure. It's a lot of fun until the leader makes you do weird things or some action you're uncomfortable with. How about following a leader you can always trust? This series is on following the only leader you can truly trust.

    You can hear the audio of the sermon on my podcast at: Jesus' Baptism - Follow the Leader Intro: • Young couple goes to visit her family for Christmas in New England. • Whole family went for a walk in the wintery wonderland. Hoping to connect with his more

  • 2. Following Jesus Into The Desert

    Contributed on Jan 21, 2021

    What tempts you? How do you resist? We often find it difficult to not give in. Let's follow Jesus into the desert as he experiences the same temptations as we do.

    You can listen to the podcast of this sermon here: Following Jesus Into the Desert Intro: • [video - the marshmallow test] We’re not so very different than these amazingly cute kids. First conducted at Stanford U. in 1972. • We sneak up on the edge of more

  • 3. Following Jesus Into Abundance

    Contributed on Jan 27, 2021

    Unexpected things happen at weddings. Some are fun and humorous, some are embarrassing and hurtful. As we continue to following Jesus as His disciples, we find ourselves at a wedding where a potentially embarrassing situation turns into an abundant blessing!

    Following Jesus Into the Unexpected Intro: • [IMAGE] BIL’s wedding - outside by a lake. Fisherman in boat disrupts the wedding with his outboard motor. • Strange and unexpected things happen at weddings! • As we continue to follow Jesus, we join him at a wedding. o Beginning of his more

  • 4. What's It Going To Cost Me?

    Contributed on Feb 3, 2021

    We can know the price of an item but not necessarily understand what it's going to cost us. Jesus asks us to make and informed and deliberate decision about deciding to follow Him by outlining what it's going to cost us. (spoiler alert: it's everything - but it's worth it.)

    You can hear the audio of the sermon on my podcast at: Following Jesus - Counting the Cost Intro: • Price is Right show – fascinating and compelling game show where we are entertained by watching people guess the price of various products. (use logo more

  • 5. Let's Go To Dinner

    Contributed on Feb 11, 2021

    How much is enough? What do we do and where do we turn when we're afraid we don't have enough of (fill in the blank)? Jesus confronts his disciples with an enormous challenge to feed 5,000 people. But there's not enough. Now what?

    You can listen to the audio of the sermon on my podcast at: Follow The Leader - Feeding the 5,000 “What’s for Supper?” • We’re having lunch together after services this morning. My wife is back in the kitchen right now checking on the preparation. • Right more

  • 6. Blowing Up Boxes

    Contributed on Feb 24, 2021

    We often find ourselves putting people in "boxes." Race, gender, and endless number of boxes. And it's limiting. We put limits on expectations of others and ourselves. As we follow Jesus, we watch him "blow up" the box around a man born blind.

    To listen to the audio of the sermon, please go to my podcast at: Follow the Leader - Out of the Box • Video from Youtube: • No one likes to be put in a box. Categorized. • Common: Ethnicity, gender, economic more