Sermon Series
  • 1. Believing Is Seeing

    Contributed on Mar 12, 2003
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    Our faith in Jesus Christ progressively heals us of our spiritual blindness.

    (Note: This sermon was introduced with scene # 32 from "Traveling Light") I’ve always had a secret fear about going blind. Out of all my senses, sight would be the most difficult for me to live without. Maybe it’s because I love to read so much. I always hated those assignments in high school more

  • 2. Not Who You Think He Is

    Contributed on Mar 12, 2003
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    Being a Christain means confessing that Jesus is the Messiah, but our views of what a Messiah should be doesn’t always fit Jesus.

    As I as watching a Lakers game this last week, I saw Kobe Bryant put on an amazing shooting performance. Kobe set an NBA record by making 12 three point shots during the game, nine of the shots he made in a row. It was truly amazing to watch. I was excited, the fans at Staples Center were excited, more

  • 3. An Explosion Of Glory

    Contributed on Mar 12, 2003
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    Christ’s glory was hidden in his humanity, affirmed by the Father, and revealed most fully in his suffering.

    On Monday we celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. day. Schools are closed, our church office is closed, some of you have the day off, all to commemorate the life work of Rev. Martin Luther King. The day before Rev. King was assassinated he delivered his final sermon in support of sanitation workers on more

  • 4. When The Church Fails

    Contributed on Mar 12, 2003
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    Our failures in the Christian community remind us of our need for total and complete dependance on Jesus.

    Like you, I’ve been watching the terrible scandal surrounding the abuse of children by priests in the Roman Catholic church. And the worst part of the scandal isn’t the abuse of children, as horrible as that is. The worst part has the cover up, that rather than stepping in and removing sexual more

  • 5. Beyond Family Values

    Contributed on Mar 12, 2003
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    Following Jesus takes us beyond family values to embrace God’s Kingdom values in our family relationships.

    I’ve been reading some authors this week who are deeply concerned about the decline of traditional family values (Dr. Richard Saller, "Family Values in Ancient Rome" These authors are concerned that fewer and fewer women are wanting to invest in their children as more

  • 6. Threading Camels

    Contributed on Mar 12, 2003
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    The call to follow Jesus takes priority over every other obligation in life, and when we have a lot, it is difficult to respond to that call.

    I was raised by a single mom from the time I was three years old until I was about nine years old. Back then we lived in a small trailer in Los Angeles. My mom was on welfare. I remember at one time having a teenage runaway living with us, and he would baby-sit me at night while my mom worked. We more

  • 7. Another Kind Of King

    Contributed on Mar 12, 2003
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    Jesus Christ’s entry into Jerusalem reveals Jesus as the promised king, the humble king, and the unexpected king.

    Note: This sermon was introduced with scene 49 from the play "Traveling Light." As Americans, most of us don’t like kings very much. After all, that’s why we fought a revolutionary war in 1776, to be free of the tyranny of a king. Even though the king might be a benevolent king, he’s still a more

  • 8. The Barren Temple

    Contributed on Mar 12, 2003
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    Christ’s cursing of the fig tree and "cleansing" of the temple caution us about living our lives by mere appearances and trusting in anything other than Jesus.

    Appearances can be deceiving. I was reminded of this several years ago when I was waiting in line at a McDonalds with two of my sons. A guy came into McDonalds who looked really suspicious. He had long hair, tattoos everywhere, several body piercings, and he just looked scary. This guy seemed to be more

  • 9. Who Is This Guy?

    Contributed on Aug 5, 2003
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    As God’s unique Son sent for us, Jesus is unique and in a category all by himself.

    Some people have an amazing ability to walk into a foreign situation and immediately take charge of it. The recent Stephen Spielberg movie Catch Me If You Can is about a guy who’s like that. Catch Me If You Can is based on the real life story of Frank Abagnale, Jr. Frank Abagnale has one of those more