Sermon Series
  • 1. Tri-God

    Contributed on Oct 12, 2006
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    Christians claim to believe in one God yet worship three. How can this be? This message will challenge your thinking on who God is and ask you to consider what you believe about the trinity.

  • 2. Why Did Jesus Have To Die

    Contributed on Oct 12, 2006
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    Why did Jesus have to die? If God is a God of love why would he ever let his own son die such a horrible death? Some critics say that the crucifixion is nothing more than a romantic story of a man who was going through an identity crisis. What do you beli

  • 3. The Holy Spirit

    Contributed on Oct 18, 2006
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    What is the Holy Spirit? What is it’s function and what do I need to know about it? Millions of peopel equate the Holy Spirit with the Force found in the Star Wars movies. Why is that? This message will eduate non-Christians and equip believers as to