Sermon Series
  • 1. "Guideline 2: Do The Right Things”

    Contributed on Jun 19, 2017

    We must live our lives focused on loving God and others.

    A commercial flight found themselves having trouble with their navigation system. The pilot got on the intercom to inform and comfort passengers. He said, "Ladies and gentlemen, I'm sorry to report that we are having difficulty with our navigational system, which means that we presently do not know more

  • 2. Guideline 1: Make The Right Connections

    Contributed on Jun 5, 2017

    If i am going to get life right, I need to make sure I am connected to God, the author of life, and His family.

    Today, we begin a series of messages on the subject of "Getting It Right" as we look at God's Guidelines for Right Living found in the book of Philippians. We are talking in this series on success in life. As we begin, we need to think about how success in life is defined. Some are of the more

  • 3. "Principle 4: Develop The Right Perspective"

    Contributed on Aug 8, 2017

    Paul tells us what our perspective should be on the world, our Lord and ourselves.

    GODISNOWHERE - Which is it? "God is nowhere" or "God is now here?" It's all in how you look at things, isn't it? That's why Paul says we need to develop the right perspective if we're going to get life right. 1. How to look at the world - vs. 1-7 The world has its ideas about success. But as more

  • 4. "Guideline #5: Choose The Right Attitude”

    Contributed on Aug 14, 2017

    What does an attitude of faith look like?

    Top ten indicators that you're having a lousy day 10. You wake up and your braces are locked together. 9. You put both contact lenses in the same eye. 8. Your wife says, "Good morning Bill," and your name is George 7. You turn on the news and they're showing emergency routes out of the more

  • 5. "Guideline #6: Maintain Right Relationships”

    Contributed on Sep 11, 2017

    How can we address conflict in a Christ honoring way?

    Relationships are what make life worth living. After all, as we have pointed out in this series, it's through our relationship with God that we learn how to live life to the fullest. Since God is the author of all life, it's right to conclude if I'm going to live life as I ought, I need to have a more

  • 6. "Guideline 3: Do Things For The Right Reasons"

    Contributed on Jul 9, 2017

    How can I make sure my motives are right in what I do?

    One's motive often determines their level of success. As someone once put it, "Your attitude will determine your altitude." This is true of any endeavor, but it's especially true when it comes to living as God designed us to live. In our passage for today, the apostle Paul speaks of attitude - of more