Sermon Series
  • 1. Abasalom: When Bitterness Consumes

    Contributed on Apr 2, 2013

    This message examines how unresolved bitterness destroyed Abasalom's life.

    In the United States it is quite common for those in power to make the headlines for all the wrong reasons. There’s nothing that seems to catch our attention like a good political scandal. There are several of these scandals that are forever etched in our minds. We were brought more

  • 2. Rehoboam: Not Everything Is As It Seems To Be

    Contributed on Apr 2, 2013
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    This message shows how Rehoboam's public life was vastly different that his private life and the problems that this can cause.

    Magicians make their living by seemingly altering our perception of reality. Many of these tricks are accomplished through what is known as sleight of hand. The guiding principle of sleight-of-hand, articulated by legendary close-up magician Dai Vernon, is "be natural." A well-performed sleight more

  • 3. Jabez: Rising Above Your Circumstances

    Contributed on Apr 2, 2013

    This message shows how Jabez wasn't afraid to call upon God to help him rise above his circumstances.

    What’s in a name? All names have meanings some positive and some negative. For example consider the name Scott, it means wanderer or painted warrior. However, there are names that carry with them quite a negative meaning. Here are the top three names for boys that have negative meanings. more

  • 4. Uzziah: What Will Your Epitaph Be?

    Contributed on Apr 2, 2013
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    This message looks at how one mistake defines the life of Uzziah rather than the good he did.

    An Epitaph is a short statement intended to honor a person who has passed away. Many times these short statements sum up a person’s life or legacy. In fact some epitaphs are quite humorous such as: “I told you I was sick!” “He stepped on the gas instead of the brake.” more