Sermon Series
  • 1. Breaking Out Of Our Prayer Rut

    Contributed on Dec 30, 2006
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    A look at ways to pray in which we will get out of our boring routine and touch God.

    Breaking Out of Our Prayer Rut Psalm 13:1-6 Two men were walking through a field one day when they spotted an enraged bull. Immediately they ran toward the nearest fence. The storming bull ran after them in hot pursuit, and they realized that they were not going to make it. Terrified, one man more

  • 2. The Beginnings Of A Great Prayer Life

    Contributed on Dec 30, 2006
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    Basic Tips to having a dynamic prayer life.

    The Beginnings of a Great Prayer Life Matthew 6:5-8 How many of you have heard the name George Mueller. George was known for a number of things in his lifetime. One of the greatest accomplishments of his life was the formation of an orphanage in Bristol, England. One day as George looked more

  • 3. What Do We Do With Unanswered Prayer?

    Contributed on Dec 30, 2006
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    A look at how to handle situations in which it seems like our prayers are not being answered.

    What Do We Do With Unanswered Prayer 2 Corinthians 12:7-10 Now, it’s been a few years ago now, but I still think most of you may remember a song by Garth Brooks called unanswered prayers. In the story of the song, the main character runs into his old high school sweetheart at a high school more

  • 4. When The Church Prays

    Contributed on Dec 30, 2006
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    A look at what really happens when believers get down on their knees and pray.

    When The Church Prays Acts 12:1-19 A Sunday School teacher was struggling to open a combination lock that was placed on the supply closet in the church. She had been told the combination, but she couldn’t quite remember it. Exasperated, she went to the pastor’s study to ask for help. The more