Sermon Series
  • 1. How Heavy Is That Cross?

    Contributed on Jan 20, 2004
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    We should count the costs of following Jesus. We must live a fully commited life, or our life is wasted.

    Introduction: I want you to imagine with me just one moment. Ask yourself this question: “How would my life be different if I fully dedicated it to the Lord?” If you fully dedicated your life to the Lord, would you do the same things tomorrow? How would you spend your time? What sort of things more

  • 2. Looking For What's Lost, Part I

    Contributed on Jan 29, 2004
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    Jesus teaches us about how we should respond to the "sinners" of this world.

    I. “He welcomes sinners!” A. In Luke 14, we saw Jesus’ call to discipleship, how he called people to give themselves completely to the Lord. He ended his call by saying, “He who has ears, let him hear.” B. The “sinners” heard and responded. These were the outcasts of society, those who more

  • 3. Introduction To The Gospel Of Luke

    Contributed on Feb 3, 2004
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    As we begin a study of the Gospel of Luke, let’s look at some of the background behind the book.

    Introduction: We are beginning a study of the Gospel of Luke. Since we will spend quite some time in this study, it seems right that we should begin it with some background about the book itself. I. Who was Luke, the author? A. He was the same author as the book of Acts. 1. By comparing the more

  • 4. A Special Birth

    Contributed on Feb 3, 2004
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    The story of the birth of John the Baptist teaches us about faith and the message we have for the world.

    A Special Birth Luke 1:5-25, 57-80 Introduction: God often used families that were unable to have children when he wanted to bring a special child into the world. In the Old Testament, we have the examples of Isaac, Samson and Samuel. In the New Testament we have John. 1. Summarizing the more

  • 5. Looking For What's Lost, Pt. Ii

    Contributed on Feb 10, 2004
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    In the story of the Prodigal Son we learn lessons for the prodigals and for the "faithful sons."

    Looking for What’s Lost, Part II Luke 15:11-32 Continuing our study of Luke, we find ourselves in Chapter 15. I want to invite you to be turning there. We previously looked at the first part of this chapter. Jesus was being criticized by some of the Jewish leaders because he was eating and more

  • 6. Bad Books, Good Lessons

    Contributed on Feb 15, 2004
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    The Parable of the Crooked Steward teaches us about what God expects of us as regards money. We have to choose whether we will serve Him or serve money.

    Bad Books, Good Lessons Luke 16:1-15 Enron. WorldCom. Martha Stewart. Parmalat. People playing loose and fast with numbers and bookkeeping. Today’s parable sounds like a story straight out of this week’s Time magazine. The parable itself can be troublesome. My temptation was to skip it, to more

  • 7. When Two Become One... And Become Two Again

    Contributed on Feb 27, 2004
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    It’s time for us to look again at what God’s views are on the subject of divorce. We need to do something to break the cycle of divorce in our churches.

    I remember back when I was in school at Abilene Christian University, a friend of mine went to interview with a church in South Carolina. Before he went, the congregation sent him a message: “Preach about whatever you want… except tobacco.” Now while I would like to think that there was a godly more

  • 8. The Rich Man & Lazarus

    Contributed on Mar 8, 2004
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    We need to learn to see Lazarus before it’s too late!

    We continue with our study of the book of Luke, arriving now in chapter 16, verse 19. With the parable that we’re going to look at day, we see the final episode in a series of events that began in the first part of chapter 15, when a group of “sinners” and people of ill repute went to hear Jesus. more

  • 9. Increase Our Faith(Fulness)

    Contributed on Mar 31, 2004
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    Looks at 4 aspects of discipleship. Focuses on how we must not wait to "feel faith" to use it.

    Luke 17:1-10 Increase our Faith(fulness) Intro: In the last two chapters of Luke, we have been seeing events surrounding a conflict between Jesus and the Pharisees over how to deal with lost people. Jesus taught them some important lessons about how God deals with lost people and how we should more

  • 10. Lessons Learned From Lepers

    Contributed on Mar 31, 2004
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    Lessons we can learn from Jesus’ healing of the 10 lepers

    Luke 17:1-19 Lessons Learned from Lepers As we continue our study of the book of Luke, we come to one of the more famous stories from this gospel. You probably learned this story in Bible school, the story of Jesus healing the ten lepers. Let’s read this story: Now on his way to Jerusalem, more

  • 11. Kingdom And King

    Contributed on May 3, 2004
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    Four incidents in Jesus life give Him a chance to teach about the Kingdom of God.

    Kingdom & King Luke 18:15-43 Intro: This section of Luke’s gospel gives us insights into Jesus’ kingdom and His role as king. As we see Jesus react to four different situations, we see that the driving focus of His teaching is the Kingdom of God. I. Let the little children come to me (Luke more

  • 12. Zackie's Story

    Contributed on May 3, 2004
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    This sermon looks at the story of Zacchaeus and the lessons it teaches us

    Zackie’s Story Luke 19:1-10 Zachary S. (Zackie to his friends) seemed to have it made. He had a fancy apartment with a shiny yellow sports car out front. Zackie had a comfortable government job, earning good money. Some people said his job was a little too comfortable, that the money was too more