Sermon Series
  • 1. True Value

    Contributed on Aug 5, 2010

    As Christians, our task is not to ignore "the lost," but to seek after them like a shepherd seeks a lost sheep, or a woman her most prized possession. And when any one who is lost is found, we should join in the heavenly celebration!

  • 2. Take Notice!

    Contributed on Aug 12, 2010
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    It might make us uncomfortable to acknowledge the existence of our neighbor in need, but as Christians, if we are going to be really hospitable, we cannot just step over the person sitting at our gate as if that person does not even exist!

  • 3. No Boundaries

    Contributed on Aug 19, 2010
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    As Christians, part of being hospitable is participating in this healing work of Christ. Our task is not to change people, but simply to extend the healing hand of Christ into a hurting world.