Sermon Series
  • 1. Faith, Hope & Love

    Contributed on Apr 7, 2014

    In Colossians 1:1-8, the Apostle Paul’s shows how the gospel is 1) Received by Faith (Colossians 1:1–4a), 2) Rests in Hope(Colossians 1:5-8), and 3) Results in Love (Colossians 1:4b).

    Whenever we travel, problems inevitably arise. Situations regarding our own travel we tend to be able to handle. The difficult ones are the ones that happen back home. Perhaps our kids got into a jam, there is a difficulty at work or a friend got into a crisis situation. As much as we want to help, more

  • 2. Walk In A Manner Worthy

    Contributed on Jun 1, 2014

    A walk that is 1) Prayerful (Colossians 1:9) , 2) Pleasing (Colossians 1:10) 3) Purposeful (Colossians 1:11)

    If you are planning on doing any trips this summer, you most likely know the importance of paying attention. It's important to stay on the trail to avoid getting lost. A 19-year-old hiker from Quebec who was stuck on a ledge of the tallest mountain in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado was more

  • 3. A Father & His Family

    Contributed on Jun 16, 2014

    1) A Word to Husbands (Colossians 3:19), 2) A Word to Children (Colossians 3:20), 3) A Word to Parents (Colossians 3:21)

    One of the most terrifying moments of a not-yet-married man’s life is meeting his girlfriend’s father. The much-anticipated introduction is an unending fountain of humor for friends and family, but it’s more often an occasion for horror for the young man. What will dad say? What more

  • 4. Rescued From Darkness

    Contributed on Jun 22, 2014

    Paul sums up the doctrine of salvation in three great truths: 1) Inheritance (Colossians 1:12), 2) Deliverance (Colossians 1:13a), and 3) Transference (Colossians 1:13b-14).

    Of all the recent stories of people held captive, the one of U.S. Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, has been the most controversial. He told military doctors that his Taliban captors tortured him and kept him locked in a metal cage in total darkness for weeks at a time after he tried to escape. Bergdahl, now 28, more

  • 5. Our Sovereign Lord

    Contributed on Apr 13, 2014

    In Colossians 1:15–19, Paul reveals our Lord’s true identity by viewing Him in relation to three things: 1) The Father (Colossians 1:15), 2) The Universe (Colossians 1:16-17), and 3) The Church (Colossians 1:18-19).

    If there are two things that have a tremendous bearing on our future experiences, they are assumptions and expectation. We tend to make assumptions about people and expect certain actions accordingly. As the Jews experienced Christ's ride into Jerusalem that first Palm Sunday, they assumed He was more

  • 6. The Supreme Ministry

    Contributed on Apr 27, 2014

    1) The Source (Col. 1:23c, 25a), 2) Spirit (Col. 1:24a), 3) Suffering (Col. 1:24b), 4) Scope (Col. 1:25b), 5) Subject (Col. 1:26–27), 6)Style (Col. 1:28a), 7)Sum (Col. 1:28b) & 8)Strength of the ministry (Col. 1:29)

    For those mountain climbing, the time they are in most danger is right after they reach the summit. In striving so hard for so long, after the point to which they reach their goal, they are most likely to put their guard down and lose their way. We've just celebrated the pinnacle of our year in the more

  • 7. Grace Bandits

    Contributed on May 18, 2014

    1) Legalism (Colossians 2:16–17), 2) Mysticism (Colossians 2:18–19), and 3) Asceticism (Colossians 2:20–23).

    People celebrate occasions for different reasons. Some have particular social conventions, sports milestones, famous people, or plain civic holidays. Noticing all the fireworks trailers around, we know we have reached just such an occasion. Victoria day is a uniquely British celebration, that means more

  • 8. Words Of Wisdom

    Contributed on May 26, 2014

    1) The Speech of Prayer(Colossians 4:2), 2) The Speech of Proclamation (Colossians 4:3–4) , 3) The Speech of Performance (Colossians 4:5), and 4) The Speech of Perfection (Colossians 4:6).

    In an ancient story, it is said that Bios, a wise man of ancient Greece, was sent an animal to sacrifice. He was instructed to send back to the donor the best and worst parts of the animal. He sent the donor the tongue. The tongue is indeed the best and worst of humanity. In Colossians more