Sermon Series
  • 1. The Beginning

    Contributed on Feb 19, 2016

    The birth Jesus as well as the details of His birth matter. Let's see why as we begin our Easter series.

    INTRODUCTION • SLIDE #1 • We going to begin a new series that will take to Easter. • I cannot believe that Easter is right around the corner! • The series is entitled, “It Matters.” • As you have read the Bible, have you ever wondered why it matters? more

  • 2. It Matter. The Trial

    Contributed on Mar 4, 2016

    It matters, yes, even the trials of Jesus matter!

    INTRODUCTION • SLIDE #1 • We are quickly closing in on Easter, and as we prepare for Resurrection Sunday, we have been examining why the events leading up to the resurrection of Jesus matter. • The fact that Jesus was born of a virgin, that He was in Bethlehem, that He is was more

  • 3. It Matters- The Crucifixion.

    Contributed on Mar 11, 2016

    In the 24 hours from the betrayal to the burial of Jesus, Jesus fulfilled 29 prophecies in that short amount of time! Tjhe crucifixion matters!

    INTRODUCTION • SLIDE #1 • As we have been closing in on Resurrection Sunday, we have been taking a journey together in the series, It Matters. As Christians we have to be careful not to miss the details of our faith lest we end up not having a basis for why we believe what we more

  • 4. It Matters: The Ascension

    Contributed on Mar 25, 2016

    The ascension of Jesus matters because it opened some doors for us previously not opened.

    INTRODUCTION • EASTER WORSHIP INTRO VIDEO • SLIDE #1 • I want to welcome you to FCC today, we are so glad all of you decided to join us as we worship our Lord together today! • Jerry and I have been taking you on a journey through a series we entitled, “It more