Sermon Series
  • 1. The Priority Of True Worship

    Contributed on Mar 8, 2021
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    Though is necessary that nothing hinders true worship, the solemn lesson is that God desires pure worship in the inner most man.

    LUKE 19: 45-48 [JESUS’ LAST WEEK SERIES] THE PRIORITY OF TRUE WORSHIP [Malachi 3:1-6] The expelling of the traffickers from the Temple was on the day after Jesus’ triumphal entry. Jesus comes into the temple, the ultimate place of religious significance in all Jerusalem, and finds worship more

  • 2. The Question Of Authority

    Contributed on Mar 16, 2021
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    Jesus’ cleansing of the temple intensifies the conflict. Luke uses a series of dialogues to convey the controversy between Jesus and the Jewish leaders. Jesus’ authority is of paramount importance, and His work as teacher and prophet requires validation.

    LUKE 20: 1-8 [JESUS’ LAST WEEK SERIES] THE QUESTION OF AUTHORITY In this last week of Jesus’ earthly life section Luke uses a series of dialogues to convey the controversy between Jesus and the Jewish leaders. The outcome of Jesus’ cleansing of the temple is that the religious leaders again more

  • 3. The Messianic Entry

    Contributed on Apr 6, 2021
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    With His Messianic entry Jesus steps into the limelight in order to draw the people’s attention to the enactment of the most important event of all history, His death and resurrection.

    LUKE 19: 28-40 THE MESSIANIC ENTRY [Zechariah 9:1-10 / Psalm 118:25-26] The final week in Jesus’ earthly life begins with an outpouring of public recognition. This story of Jesus’ messianic entry into Jerusalem is found in all four gospels [Mt 21:12-17; Mk 11:1-14; Jn 12:12-19]. It is one of more

  • 4. The Parable Of The Tenants

    Contributed on Apr 12, 2021
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    This parable reflects the events that will unfold during the final week of Jesus’ earthly life. It also summaries the whole of biblical history including the gospel story.

    LUKE 20: 9-19 [JESUS’ LAST WEEK SERIES] THE PARABLE OF THE TENANTS This parable reflects the events that will unfold during the final week of Jesus’ earthly life. The refusal of the leaders to accept Jesus’ authority (vv. 1–8) leads to this parable that not only clearly affirms that authority more

  • 5. Authorities Distinguished

    Contributed on Apr 19, 2021

    The plot was to twist Jesus' words in order to accuse Him. To accomplish this trickery Jewish authorities, attempt to implicate Jesus in rebellion against the Roman Government.

    LUKE 20: 20-26 [JESUS’ LAST WEEK SERIES] AUTHORITIES DISTINGUISHED [Roman 13:1–7] The leaders now step back from personally trying to discredit the popular teacher. They hire spies to do their dirty work hoping to catch Jesus off guard as the spies’ act interested and innocent. Christ though more

  • 6. Sons Of The Resurrection

    Contributed on May 3, 2021
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    The resurrection is real and Jesus, the Son of the Living God, will prove its reality in less than a week. God is the God of the Living not the dead.

    LUKE 20: 27-39 [JESUS’ LAST WEEK SERIES] SONS OF THE RESURRECTION Here is the final attempt in Luke to confound Jesus by arguments. It is only here that Luke’s gospel mentions the Sadducees. In order to question the Resurrection, a belief held both by Jesus (14:14) and the Pharisees (Acts more

  • 7. Note-Worthy Observations

    Contributed on May 10, 2021
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    Who is Jesus? Who is the Messiah? This question is one of the basic questions for every living person. This passage deals with that question as Jesus asks His opponents to listen to the words of Holy Scriptures.

    LUKE 20: 41-21:4 [JESUS’ LAST WEEK SERIES] NOTE-WORTHY OBSERVATIONS [Romans 1:3–4] The scribes, Sadducee and Pharisees did not dare question Jesus anymore. Why? The wisdom of His words silenced their cynicism and pride. With His opponents silenced, this controversy section concludes with Jesus more

  • 8. The Conspiracy Against Jesus

    Contributed on May 17, 2021

    Though knowing all that is occurring, Jesus uses His last Thursday to assure that He would celebrate the Passover and institute the Lord’s Supper or the Eucharist with His disciples

    LUKE 22: 1-13 [JESUS’ LAST WEEK SERIES] THE CONSPIRACY AGAINST JESUS [John 6:67-71] Luke’s passion narrative begins ominously with a description of Judas’s plot which was designed and orchestrated by Satan himself (1 Cor 2:8). The Jewish leaders had decided to do away with Jesus (see 23:2 for more