Sermon Series
  • 1. Plan The Job

    Contributed on Sep 3, 2001
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    Preparations for Rebuilding the Walls of Jerusalem

    Introduction: Book of Nehemiah One of my favorite books along with the Book of Acts, Man’s faith and God in action. Resume of Book: Nehemiah’s prayer Neh.1 Artaxexes send Nehemiah to Jerusalem Neh.2 1-10 Nehemiah inspects the walls of Jerusalem Neh.2 more

  • 2. Exploit The Circumstances

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    Nehamiah exploits his circumstances

    II. HE EXPLOITED THE CIRCUMSTANCES Neh. 2:1-9. God often prepares people for a work by putting them in the right place. Nehemiah had an opportunity to present his request. He was probably, under the exile Jews in a unique position to do so effectively. Character: i) Obviously had a more

  • 3. Perseverance In Adversity

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    Nehemiah persevered when the chips were down

    III: PERSEVERE IN ADVERSITY Neh. 2:10 & 19 & 20. Sanballat the Horite and Tobiah the Ammonite opposed him. Both non-Jews. Not part of the OT covenant. Jealousy and fear of the consequences. Nehemiah would become powerful. Note Nehemiah rebukes them, not by name calling but merely by more

  • 4. Preparation For Reconstruction

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    Do your homework!

    IV. PREPARATIONS FOR THE ACTUAL RECONSTRUCTION Nehemiah: a) He "cases the joint" Neh. 2:11-17 In God’s Work it is important to see what you are being called to do and to see if you are prepared to do it. we are not robots. we are called to take an active interest in the Life the lord has more

  • 5. Let's Go

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    Having done the groundwork, Nehemiah rebuilds the walls up in 52 days

    V. THE ACTUAL RECONSTRUCTION 1. Allocation of the Work. Neh. 3 Nehemiah doesn’t do all the work himself. HE DELEGATES. As Christians leaders we need to learn to delegate - especially the work with the greatest kudos. Remember in the Kingdomn of God, it is the leader that should be more

  • 6. Beginning To Rebuild

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    How Nehemiah begins to re-build the walls of Jerusalem.

    Introduction In this morning’s text, we will look at how Nehemiah begins to re-build the walls of Jerusalem. I think that the state of walls of Jerusalem / is not a bad picture / of the state of some of our parishes in England today. Perhaps the state of repair of the walls will not more