Sermon Series
  • 1. Building Relationships

    Contributed on Apr 5, 2011
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    God puts people into our lives so that we can share His grace with them.

    Several years ago the slogan for American Express was that “membership has it’s privileges.” I can tell you that I had an American Express card back then and I’m still trying to figure out what that privileges were. I say that in jest but when it comes to church membership some people think the more

  • 2. Building People

    Contributed on Apr 5, 2011
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    If we are followers of Christ then it will show in our lives.

    A man dies and goes to heaven. Of course, St. Peter meets him at the pearly gates. St. Peter says, "Here's how it works. You need 100 points to make it into heaven. You tell me all the good things you've done, and I give you a certain number of points for each item, depending on how good it was. more

  • 3. Building The Body

    Contributed on Apr 5, 2011
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    As we grow in Christ we will come to serve the body of Christ.

    A woman was getting a pie ready to put into the oven when the phone rang. It was the school nurse: Her son had some down with a high fever and would she come and take him home? The mother calculated how long it would take to drive to school and back, and how long the pie should bake, and concluded more