Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series
Sermon Series
  • 1. Getting Back On Track

    Contributed on Jan 20, 2018

    This is the first sermon in a three part series that calls us to make a commitment to God not just a resolution. It encourages folks to look back and try and figure out where they got off track and right their course.

    Well here we are entering a brand New Year, its funny how we see the mark of a New Year on the calendar as a place to start over even if it’s just another day. A lot of people make New Year’s resolutions, things like losing weight, going on a diet, or spending less money and making more to try ...read more

  • 2. On Track & Moving Forward

    Contributed on Jan 20, 2018

    Forgetting about our past and moving forward in our walk with Christ. We also look at tools and strategies the devil uses in order for us to stumble

    Last week we talked about getting back on track and what we needed to do in order to accomplish that. To get back on track we needed to; 1. Look back and see where we got off track, or veered off course. 2. Alter our course appropriately 3. Commit to moving forward by strengthening our ...read more

  • 3. Keepin It Between The Ditches

    Contributed on Jan 20, 2018

    Ways that we can stay on track in our spiritual walk, especially by building a closer relationship with Christ

    For the last couple of Sundays I have talked about getting back on track in our lives in order to win this race that we are in. And to do that first we had to figure out where we got off track in the first place and then once we adjusted our course and began moving in the right direction we ...read more