Sermon Series
  • 1. The Story Of God

    Contributed on Feb 13, 2016
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    The first of a series on the essential stories of the Old Testament. This sermon describes God's character and being. It also explores the idea that we are the pinnacle of God's creation. God created us to pour His love into us.

    The Story of God Introduction This Sunday we are beginning a study of some of our favorite Old Testament Bible stories. And of course the best place to start is the beginning, the book of Genesis and the creation account. Over the years I have heard numerous reasons given for why more

  • 2. The Rejected Ruler

    Contributed on Mar 5, 2016

    Joseph, the redeemer, foreshadows the life of Jesus, the redeemer of all.

    The Rejected Ruler Introduction A few weeks ago I said that Christ is the center of history. All of history focuses around the Savior of the world. And all of the Bible focuses around the Savior of the World. We often mistakenly think that only the New Testament tells us about Christ. But as more

  • 3. You Are Loved

    Contributed on Feb 13, 2016

    In the story of the creation we find God's special love for mankind. God created us i a special way, gave us a special mate and place. God loved us before He created us and provided a way for us to be saved even before He created us.

    You Are Loved Introduction Last week we looked at the first 2 verses of the book of Genesis. We talked about the fact that God existed before the beginning. We talked about the Eternal nature of God, the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit. And now we are ready to look at the rest of the more

  • 4. Trouble In Paradise

    Contributed on Feb 13, 2016

    Part 3 of my O.T. Sermon series "Our Favorite O. T. Stories." Lessons from the fall. What is it that tempts us to sin? How do we overcome temptation? There is power in putting ourselves in second place.

    Trouble in Paradise Introduction Last week we were in Paradise. We left Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. At that point their life was perfect. Their relationship with God was perfect. God made it a habit of walking in the Garden with them every evening, personally teaching them the more

  • 5. No. Limits

    Contributed on Feb 13, 2016

    The 4th Sermon in "Our Favorite O.T. Stories." The point of the story of the Tower of Babel is: You are never so successful that you have outgrown your need for God. For in the end it is salvation that matters.

    No Limits Introduction In taking on this task of going through the important Old Testament stories, I have really had to wrestle with what stories to include and which ones to skip. And I was tempted to skip the story of the Tower of Babel. But I just couldn’t. Partially because it is more

  • 6. Chosen

    Contributed on Feb 13, 2016

    5 in my series "Our Favorite O.T. Stories. In this sermon I use Abraham's call to become the father of God's nation to look at our own call to evangelize the lost.

    Chosen Introduction So far in our study of the Old Testament we have covered the creation, the fall, and the flood. Spiritually we have seen the world go from a perfect relationship with God to absolute depravity. Paul sums up the spiritual history of the world in Romans chapter 1. Romans more

  • 7. Our Reaction To Sin

    Contributed on Feb 13, 2016

    This is the 6th Sermon in my Series "Our Favorite O.T. Stories." In this sermon I look at God's judgment of sin. We need to understand that sin brings about God's judgment. Why? So that we will, like Abraham, do everything in our power to save others.

    Our Reaction to Sin Introduction What is our reaction to sin? People react to sin in extremely different ways. There are some radical groups like the Westboro Baptist Church that not only condemn sin, but condemn innocent people in the name of sin. For example, those Westboro nuts go and more

  • 8. The Gospel According To Genesis

    Contributed on Feb 20, 2016

    In this sermon of the sacrifice of Isaac we see a presentation of the Gospel. Most importantly we see us. We see that God is willing to provide a sacrifice for us if we are willing to put ourselves on His altar.

    The Gospel According to Genesis Introduction We often think of the Gospel as found only in the New Testament. After all, we often call it the Gospel of Jesus Christ. But listen to what the Apostle Peter has to say about the Gospel. 1 Peter 1:17-20 (NLT) And remember that the heavenly more

  • 9. Bridge Over Troubled Water

    Contributed on Mar 5, 2016

    We learn through the story of Jacob that God is there for us during our darkest moments. All we must do is cling to Jesus and Jesus will give us the victory.

    A Bridge Over Troubled Water Introduction Over the last few weeks we have been looking at the beginning of the nation of Israel. We had several stories about Abraham. And last week we looked at Abraham’s son Isaac on the altar as representing Christ and the New Testament Gospel. But more