Sermon Series
  • 1. Facing Giants

    Contributed on Sep 24, 2019

    "Facing Giants" from the David and Goliath story in 1 Samuel 17. The point is that our "giants" aren't always what they seem to be and neither are we. With the help of God we are greater than we imagine and the giants are smaller.

    1. We love the Underdog stories In February, 1980, the US Olympic Hockey team took the ice in Lake Placid, NY to face the toughest hockey team in the world – the USSR. Two weeks before in Olympic competition, the Russians beat the Americans, 12-2. That night, however, proved to be different. The US more

  • 2. The Ark I Saw

    Contributed on Oct 28, 2019

    Jesus, as Noah, is about an odd task, building a church community of servants in an often hostile culture.

    1. Some of you have been to the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter in Williamstown, KY Ark Encounter is a Christian religious and creationist theme park that opened in Grant County, Kentucky in 2016. The centerpiece of the park is a large representation of Noah's Ark based on the Genesis more

  • 3. What About Now?

    Contributed on Nov 25, 2019

    We can get so caught up in thinking about going to heaven that we forget to participate in the NOW. This lesson is intended to remind us that God is at work now, now just in the World to Come.

    1. I spent many years planning to “go to heaven and take many people with me.” a. As a result I have wasted a lot of time in the here and now. b. We have a “Both/And” Faith – it is BOTH about heaven AND about now. c. God is the Great “I AM” as well as the “I WAS” and the “I WILL BE”, all contained more