Sermon Series
  • 1. Picture This: A Farmer Planting Seeds

    Contributed on Apr 3, 2007
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    A parable is a story that reveals a deeper meaning and Jesus was a master storyteller. He spoke in parables all the time because people like stories and we remember them. And when he applied spiritual truth to his parables they were easy for people to u

  • 2. Picture This! Weeds

    Contributed on Apr 3, 2007
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    Weeds come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Some of them flower and look absolutely beautiful and others will poke you and make you bleed. Some weeds are hard to identify as tender shoots but as they age their identity will become clear. Jesus kne

  • 3. Picture This! Buried Treasure

    Contributed on Apr 3, 2007
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    Jesus used money and things to illustrate a spiritual point because everyone understands money. So if the kingdom of heaven is so valuable, why doesn’t everybody do everything they can to be a part of it? I think it’s because value is often in the eye o