Sermon Series
  • 1. Preparation

    Contributed on Feb 7, 2021
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    Sermon based on Matthew 6:5-8 - Helps hearers prepare to develop their prayer lives

    “PREPARATION” Matthew 6:5-8 FBCF – 2/7/21 Jon Daniels INTRO – Old joke – Airplane w/ serious engine trouble was rapidly losing altitude & falling toward the earth. Pilot contacted nearest control tower: “Pilot to tower, pilot to tower – We are 400 miles from land, 800 feet above water, & more

  • 2. Daddy

    Contributed on Feb 14, 2021

    Based on Matthew 6:9a - Sermon examines the importance & intimacy of addressing God as Father - "Abba" - Daddy - in prayer

    “DADDY” Matthew 6:9a FBCF – 2/14/21 Jon Daniels INTRO – How do you address your earthly father? Or, if he’s passed away, how did you address him? Most of us would use the term, “Daddy” or “Dad, or maybe “Pop.” What is or what was your relationship with your father like? - Was it positive or more

  • 3. "honor"

    Contributed on Feb 22, 2021

    Based on Matthew 6:9b - Sermon focuses on "Hallowed be your name" & how to approach God in prayer.

    “HONOR” Matthew 6:9b FBCF – 2/21/21 Jon Daniels INTRO – Scottish Historian Thomas Carlyle: “Show me the man you honor & I will know what kind of man you are.” To honor someone is to show them great respect, especially in a public setting. We say, “Your honor” to a judge, showing our respect more

  • 4. Submission

    Contributed on Mar 1, 2021

    Sermon based on Matthew 6:10 - Hearers are encouraged to understand what it means to submit to God's will

    “SUBMISSION” Matthew 6:10 FBCF – 2/28/21 Jon Daniels INTRO – MMA & UFC – mixed martial arts & Ultimate Fighting Championship – very popular sport these days. People shell out millions of dollars every year to watch pay-per-view matches to see these fighters duke it out in some seriously more

  • 5. "provision"

    Contributed on Mar 8, 2021

    Sermon based on Matthew 6:11 - Encourages hearers to consider that God will meet our needs because He's our Father who loves His children.

    “PROVISION” Matthew 6:11 FBCF – 3/7/21 Jon Daniels INTRO – Vicki & I enjoy watching “The Food Network. “Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives” & “Beat Bobby Flay” are a couple of our favorite shows. “Best Thing I Ever Ate” – another show on Food Network. All the FN stars share some of the more

  • 6. "forgiveness"

    Contributed on Mar 15, 2021

    Sermon based on Matthew 6:12 - Challenges listeners with 3 questions regarding forgiveness

    “FORGIVENESS” Matthew 6:12 FBCF – 3/14/21 Jon Daniels INTRO – Unmarked tombstone outside Sydney, NY – has one 3-syllable word on it: “Forgiven.” What freedom! What joy! What relief & release comes w/ that 1 single word: “Forgiven.” Let’s talk about forgiveness today. EXPLANATION – more

  • 7. Deliverance

    Contributed on Mar 22, 2021

    Based on Matthew 6:13 - Sermon helps listeners understand God's deliverance from trials, temptations, & trusting in ourselves.

    “DELIVERANCE” Matthew 6:13 FBCF – 3/21/21 Jon Daniels INTRO – Ben Franklin nearing end of his life in 1790, “Our new Constitution is now established, everything seems to promise it will be durable; but, in this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes,” I would disagree w/ Mr. more

  • 8. "glory"

    Contributed on Mar 29, 2021

    Sermon based on doxology at end of Lord's Prayer - Encourages hearers to give God the glory that He is due.

    “GLORY” Matthew 6:13 FBCF – 3/28/21 Jon Daniels INTRO – Lot of people wanting glory these days. - Politicians are wanting glory for their accomplishments. Unfortunately, many of the things they are doing & decisions they are making are leading our nation down a dark & dangerous more