Sermon Series
  • 1. God Talk

    Contributed on Aug 25, 2004
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    The Apostle’s Creed - Intro - The things you believe or don’t believe will change your life. So make sure you believe the truth about Christ

    There was once a physics professor who was teaching his class the theory of the pendulum. He knew they responded well to physical demonstrations of theory so one day he held his class in the university gymnasium. The class gathered in the gym to discover that the professor had rigged a large, heavy more

  • 2. Spiritual Genetics

    Contributed on Aug 25, 2004
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    The Apostles Creed - I believe in God the Father Almighty,

    Well, lots of people today believe in God. Lot’s of people today believe that we are all God’s children. But these types of beliefs are very different to belief in God as the Father Almighty. Here’s what some famous people have said about belief in God: George Clooney says "I don’t believe in more

  • 3. Of Chaos And Dignity

    Contributed on Aug 25, 2004
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    Ther Apostle’s Creed - Maker of Heaven and Earth

    At the beginning of the 21st century it seems that we human beings are faced with a huge dilemma. Our understanding of the world we live in is greater now than at any time in history, yet our understanding of our place in that world is perhaps at its lowest point ever. If you were to come into my more

  • 4. The Man Who Is The Issue

    Contributed on Aug 25, 2004
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    Th Apostle’s Creed - I Believe in Jesus Christ

    By Danny Saunders A few nights ago Ali & I watched the third Matrix move, Matrix Revolutions. And at first we had no idea what was going on. We had to stop the video and talk about what had happened in the first 2 movies and where the story was up to before we could go on. Luckily we had more

  • 5. The Virgin Mary Had A What?

    Contributed on Aug 25, 2004
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    The Apostles Creed - Born of the Virgin Mary

    Do we really mean it when we say, each week, that Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary? Do we really believe that Jesus was born to a virgin? That Mary conceived Jesus supernaturally? Or doesn’t it really matter? This is one of those areas of doctrine that most people outside the church are likely more

  • 6. Suffering Servant For Me!

    Contributed on Aug 25, 2004
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    The Apostle’s Creed - suffered under Pontius Pilate

    There’s no doubt that Mel Gibson’s film, "The Passion of the Christ" has been widely criticised in the media and elsewhere. But what’s surprising is the issue that most of the criticism has been about. It isn’t that it’s anti-Semitic, although that was the accusation before it was more

  • 7. Ascended And Seated

    Contributed on Aug 25, 2004
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    The Apostles Creed - He ascended into heaven and is seated at teh right hand of God the Father

    by Danny Saunders Since we announced that Ali is pregnant a number of our friends have lent us various baby & pregnancy books. We’ve got baby name books, the girlfriend’s guide to pregnancy, pregnancy journals & magazines & even a book written by a male especially for new Dads. These more

  • 8. A Theology Of The Future

    Contributed on Aug 25, 2004
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    The Apostles Creed - From whence he shall come to judge the living and the dead

    Do you remember how paranoid people were during 1999 as we came up to year 2000? I have with me this morning the box from my filter coffee maker. Looks innocent enough, doesn’t it? But it shows how paranoid everyone was. The coffee maker has a Y2K compliance sticker on it. The sticker says more

  • 9. Inward Outward And Upward

    Contributed on Aug 25, 2004
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    The Apostles Creed - I believe in the Holy Spirit

    I wonder what you think of when someone mentions God. You may think about God the Father, the creator of the universe, the one who watches over everything we do, who protects us, who sets the standards by which we live, who in his love sent Jesus to live and die and rise again for us. Or you might more

  • 10. Mighty Army Or Milling Rabble

    Contributed on Aug 25, 2004
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    The Apostles Creed - The Holy Catholic Church the Communion of Saints

    Today I want to talk about the church, but the trouble is the Church can mean so many things. It might mean our church. It might mean the Anglican Church in Australia. It might mean the worldwide Anglican denomination. It might mean all Christians everywhere. The trouble is, when the Bible talks more