Sermon Series
  • 1. Beatitudes

    Contributed on Feb 6, 2008

    When we hunger and thirst of righteousness then you will find your happiness. When we develop a heavenly hunger for Jesus everything else will seem meaningless, a chasing after the wind.

    We all want to be happy, Right? We want to go through life with a feeling of accomplishment that brings happiness. Sometimes happiness can be a short lived experience in life. Kinda like a kid buying a happy meal at McDonalds. Kids love happy meals don’t they? It doesn’t matter where we are more

  • 2. Beatitudes 2

    Contributed on Feb 6, 2008
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    Believers are puttering around wondering why their Christian life isn’t working – it’s simple, they have sin attached beneath the surface of their lives that needs to be removed.

    Two brothers, Harry and James, were playing right before bedtime, and somehow Harry hit James with a stick. Tears and bitter words followed and they were still angry as their mother prepared them for bed. Mother said, "Now James, before you go to bed you’re going to have to forgive your more

  • 3. Fullfillment

    Contributed on Feb 6, 2008
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    What you believe always affects how you behave. How you live your life shows what you believe about God.

    This morning we continue looking at the greatest sermon ever preached, by the greatest preacher Who ever lived. A great sermon has 3 elements: 1. Explanation—you explain the principles you want to get across. We all need to have the right principles in place in our lives. People who go wrong in more

  • 4. Anger

    Contributed on Feb 6, 2008
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    When we fail to forgive others who have hurt us we give in to the spirit of revenge and resentment.

    After spending 3-1/2 hours enduring the long lines, surly clerks and insane regulations at the Department of Motor Vehicles, I stopped at a toy store to pick up a gift for my son. I brought my selection - a baseball bat - to the cash register. "Cash or charge?" the clerk asked. "Cash," I snapped. more

  • 5. Would You Be Blind?

    Contributed on Feb 6, 2008
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    The message today might seem a bit harsh but Jesus spoke and we have to preach it. I admit I am more comfortable whispering repentance and shouting grace.

    TEXT; MATTHEW 5:27-32 TITLE: “Would You Be Blind” INTRODUCTION: Most Sundays I am excited to preach. I’m usually fired up to prepare a message and present it. I have to admit that it’s not really the case today. The passage we’re going to study this morning is a tough and controversial more