Sermon Series
  • 1. Real Happiness

    Contributed on Aug 28, 2007
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    In the beginning of the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus begins by teaching his disciples what real happiness is.

    INTRODUCTION - In the OT, the 10 Commandments were given as instructions for living. - Paul, in Galatians 3, shares that the purpose of the 10 Comm are to expose sin. - Jesus in Matthew called his first disciples and then immediately began to teach them - He uses one word, “Blessed”. GRK more

  • 2. A Christian's Influence

    Contributed on Aug 28, 2007
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    Jesus, using Salt and Light as an illustration, taught his disciples that we must be a different influence to others. Not as the world has seen, but a difference!

    INTRODUCTION ILLUSTRATION: A Peanuts cartoon showed Peppermint Patty talking to Charlie Brown in which she said, “Guess what, Chuck? The first day of school, and I got sent to the principal’s office. It was your fault, Chuck.” Charlie Brown responds, “My fault? How could it be my fault? Why do more

  • 3. Don't Miss The Intent

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    Just like the Pharisees, so many are concerned with outward appearances but Jesus teaches us that we need to be concerned with matters of the heart and that once the heart is under control, outward appearances as well as our actions will take care of them

    I. INTRODUCTION A. Examples of Common Misunderstood Intentions In a world that is so full of evil, one has to be so careful in what he says because one never knows how someone else will interpret what was said. 1. The World of EMAIL I live in the world of email & love it. I can send a more

  • 4. Acts Of Righteousness

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    Jesus causes us to consider our motive in what we do and reminds us that if our inward motive from the heart is "not of God" then "not of God" is what we will get. Why do you do what you do?

    INTRODUCTION Chapter 5 began the sermon on mount with definition of “Happiness”: If you will look, and search – If you really hunger and thirst – IF you truly SEEK God with all of your heart THEN your actions will show it – And The RESULT will be “Happiness” as God defines it to more

  • 5. What Are You Looking For

    Contributed on Aug 28, 2007
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    A lesson warning us that our focus in life will determine our destiny and our reward: - what Jesus will say to us when we see him face to face! What are you looking for & Where are you looking For iT?

    INTRODUCTION A. The Sermon on the Mount Is About The Heart 1. OT Fulfillment (5.17-48) a. Jesus took 6 OT laws and interpreted them for His disciples in the light of the new life He came to give. b. He dealt with the attitudes and intents of the heart and not simply with the external act as more

  • 6. Facing Your Worries About Tomorrow

    Contributed on Aug 28, 2007
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    Jesus teaching his disciples against the sin of worry reminds us that worry exposes some real concerns of the heart.

    INTRODUCTION Today, in continuing our study of the Sermon on the Mount, Part # 6 deals with the subject of worry. I found it interesting and even God’s timing, Mike & Crystal, that we come to this section of our series when Mike is about to embark on a part of life that many would call the most more

  • 7. Judge Not?

    Contributed on Oct 8, 2007
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    How do we as Christians make judgments without being judgmental? Jesus continues to teach his disciples the way of the heart.

    INTRODUCTION 1. ILLUSTRATION: A few years ago, a church in Oklahoma expelled a woman for immorality. When she filed a lawsuit against the church, the story made all the national news media. One of the shows to give the lawsuit coverage was Phil Donahue and on that show, I think the attitude more

  • 8. Keeping Prayer In Context

    Contributed on Oct 8, 2007

    While keeping the famous "Ask, Seek, & Knock" passage in context with the Sermon on the Mount, we can still learn some awesome principles regarding prayer.

    INTRODUCTION ILLUSTRATION: PRAYER’S BEST POSITION Three ministers were talking about prayer in general and the appropriate and effective positions for prayer. As they were talking, a telephone repairman was working on the phone system in the background. One minister shared that he felt the more

  • 9. The Basis For Judging Others

    Contributed on Oct 8, 2007

    What is the basis for making judgments of others? Jesus teaches how one’s fruit will expose the heart as well as the choice in life.

    I. INTRODUCTION A. The Dangers of In/Out of Context 1. Key Verse of S.O.M. - Matthew 5:20 a. The Setting - Jesus Has Just Called The Disciples All they had for examples before Jesus was the Pharisee and Scribes. Jesus needed to show them his way of life was different. b. The LAW was all they more

  • 10. It's About The Heart

    Contributed on Oct 8, 2007
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    Jesus finishes the great Sermon on the Mount teaching the disciples that it’s all about the heart as the heart exposes one’s foundation.

    INTRODUCTION A. The CLOSE We come today to close the Sermon on the Mount. I’ve heard it taught many days in ways that teach a section here and there and have learned that while there are many GENERAL PRINCIPLES giving regarding several subjects, a lot of what I’ve been taught has been taken out more