Sermon Series
  • 1. Christmas Stinks!

    Contributed on Nov 20, 2017

    There is much that stinks in this world, but Jesus' birth in a smelly manger reminds us that Jesus can be born in us. A brief sermon for Christmas Eve.

    Christmas stinks! Or, so would say the Grinch who stole Christmas. You remember the Grinch? The slinky, green ogre of a character created by Dr. Seuss whose heart was too small to love and appreciate Christmas. We know the story. All the Who’s down in Whoville make the Grinch cringe with all their more

  • 2. Characters Of Christmas: The Shepherds

    Contributed on Nov 20, 2017

    A look at the shepherds around the manger.

    History and pop culture have given a cast of characters to surround us at Christmas. The characters evoke smiles, joy, reverence, excitement, anticipation and happy memories. Some, like Santa Claus have sacred beginnings, but most are purely secular in nature. That’s okay, for they still bring joy more

  • 3. Characters Of Christmas: The Angels

    Contributed on Nov 20, 2017

    A look at the angels around the manger.

    Let’s talk about angels. The prominence of angels in the Christmas story is obvious, from the Christmas card we send, to the decorations on our trees, to the adornment of our yards, we’re surrounded by angels. We even have an angel hanging in our front yard here at FUMC in the Nativity scene. more

  • 4. Characters Of Christmas: Joseph

    Contributed on Nov 20, 2017

    A look at Joseph's place at the manger.

    There is no greater Christmas classic than Frank Capra’s It’s a Wonderful Life, and there is no greater Christmas character than poor George Bailey. He’s even referred to several times throughout the film as “poor George.” You’re probably familiar with the story. George Bailey is introduced to us more

  • 5. Characters Of Christmas: Mary

    Contributed on Nov 20, 2017

    A look at Mary's place at the manger.

    Have you heard words like this before? There is no way. This won't work. It's impossible. I can't do it. I can't handle it. I can't keep going. I'm not gonna’ make it. Those words sound familiar to anybody? They are the words of defeat and pessimism and yet they are words that all of us do battle more

  • 6. The Characters Of Christmas: The Wise Men

    Contributed on Jan 9, 2014

    What we learn about gifts from the Wise Men who visited Jesus.

    The Characters of Christmas: The Wise (?) Men Matthew 2:1-12 We come to close our series on The Characters of Christmas today with a look at the most misunderstood, or at least most misinterpreted, cast of characters in the entire Christmas story. Like Buddy the Elf walking around New more