Sermon Series
  • 1. Where Is This Kingdom? Part 1

    Contributed on Sep 23, 2001
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    Both John the Baptist and Jesus preached the good news of the kingdom of God. What was this good news? That the kingdom of God is near! As I discovered this I realized, wow there is something really important about this kingdom! Looking further in the New

  • 2. The Greatest In The Kingdom Part 2

    Contributed on Sep 23, 2001
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    Last week we began to take a look at a phenomenal phrase found in the Bible – a phrase that is very significant in the life of the believer and a phrase that is very challenging for one who does not know Christ. The "kingdom of God" is the message of Jesu

  • 3. Field Of Dreams Part 3

    Contributed on Sep 23, 2001
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    First, we learned that the kingdom of God/heaven at present is not something we can point to and say "here it is", or "there it is". In other words it is not at present a kingdom that is present on this world in a governmental sense whereby it’s influence

  • 4. The Kingdom Perspective Part 4

    Contributed on Sep 23, 2001
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    Today, as we conclude the series on the "Secrets of the kingdom of God" we’re going to look at a portion of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount that I believe describes one of the greatest impacts the kingdom of God can have on your life.