Sermon Series
  • 1. What We Believe - Intro

    Contributed on Sep 14, 2012

    Why a series on theology? Because studying theology can help us overcome our wrong ideas, it can help us to make better decisions, & it can help us grow as Christians!

    What We Believe: Intro – “Why a Series on Theology?” Intro – 1. VIDEO – “Why Theology Matters?” by Joshua Harris… 2. The EFCA SOF begins with these words, “The Evangelical Free Church of America is an association of autonomous churches more

  • 2. What We Believe - God

    Contributed on Sep 14, 2012

    The gospel is God’s saving work. It flows from within himself as the revelation of who he is & what he does! In other words, God does what he does because of who he is!

    What we Believe # 1 – “God” Intro – 1. ILL – After listening to Chuck Swindoll on the radio, 8 year old Debbie asked her 6 year old brother David, “Do you know about Jesus?” Expecting a new slant on the old story, David replied, “No.” more