Sermon Series
  • 1. What We Believe: The Bible

    Contributed on Apr 2, 2003
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    Learn why the Bible is the most relevant book to mankind

    Let me begin this morning’s message by reading an excerpt from Calvin Miller’s book, AN OWNER’S MANUAL FOR THE UNFINISHED SOUL (pg 51-52, "Scripture Man" - Scripture is another name for the Bible). The Scripture or the Bible has been so misunderstood and misused over the centuries, that many more

  • 2. What We Believe: God (Part 1)

    Contributed on Apr 17, 2003
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    Discover the difference what we believe about God makes in our lives

    Someone asked me this week, "Is our new Worship Service from 11:30 to 12:45 or 11:30 to 1:30?" And I said, "Well," and before I could get another word in, she said, "What I need to know is what time do you stop talking." And I said, "When my stomach starts growling. We finish when I’m more

  • 3. What We Believe: God (Part 2)

    Contributed on Apr 29, 2003
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    Discover what difference the one true God who is victorious makes in our lives

    Three Sundays ago, we looked at the fact that God is self-existent. In other words, God is the first cause of all there is. The Bible tells us that in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. God existed before there was anything. God’s self-existence also means that He did fine more

  • 4. What We Believe: God (Part 3)

    Contributed on May 6, 2003
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    Discover how a true picture of God enables us to enjoy life now and look forward to eternity with God

    We continue in our mini-series trying to answer the question, "What is God like?" We’re not doing this simply to tickle our intellect or to be religious. We are doing this to answer a second question, "What difference does it make to know what God is like?" Earlier this week, I was getting more

  • 5. What We Believe: God (Part 4)

    Contributed on May 28, 2003
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    Discover what difference God’s unchanging nature, His goodness and His nearness makes in our lives

    This morning, we conclude our study of what is God like? We are not saying that we will have a full understanding of what God is like, but we at least have a better understanding of what the Bible, God’s own revelation, says about what He is like. Someone tells about a dyslexic insomniac more

  • 6. What We Believe: Mankind (Part 1)

    Contributed on Jun 5, 2003
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    Discover your value and potential as a human being

    We’ve spent four Sundays looking at what God is like and what difference knowing the true picture of God makes in our lives. Every time you hear someone say that they don’t want anything to do with God, you can be sure that if they told you what kind of God they don’t want anything to do with, more

  • 7. What We Believe: Mankind (Part 2)

    Contributed on Jun 13, 2003
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    Find out what you can do about your sin.

    We’ve begun our message series on what we believe about mankind or the human race. Last week, we looked at God’s intention for mankind. We talked about what makes us valuable. We are valuable to God and to each other when we reflect the true image of God. We also talked about what enables us to more

  • 8. What We Believe: Mankind (Part 3)

    Contributed on Jun 24, 2003
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    Discover God’s universal and comprehensive solution for sin

    This morning, we will finish our mini-series on mankind, which is a part of our mega-series on what our church believes. The first message on mankind identified how we get our sense of worth and how we can achieve our God-given potential in life. The second message identified the fact that we are more

  • 9. What We Believe: The Church (Part 1)

    Contributed on Jul 1, 2003
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    Discover the three essentials of Jesus’ Church

    We’ve spent almost two months worth of Sundays looking at what our church believes. What we believe determines how we behave. There was a time when people believed the earth was flat. They didn’t dare to travel too far for fear that they will fall off the edge of the earth. What you believe more

  • 10. What We Believe: The Church (Part 2)

    Contributed on Jul 7, 2003
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    Discover the areas and ways the church can mature

    We’re in our two-week study of what we believe about the church. Last week, we looked at three essentials of the church, the make-up, the miracle and the mission of the church. This morning, we’ll be looking at the maturation of the church. This week, a lady and her son moved into our more

  • 11. What We Believe: The End (Part 1)

    Contributed on Jul 17, 2003
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    Discover three truths that enable you to face and win over death

    We’re coming to the end of our 12-part message series on what we as a church believe. When we get done, my hope is not that you now can explain God, mankind or the church to your friends. My hope is that your life, your relationship with God and your relationship with one another are healthier more

  • 12. What We Believe: The End (Part 2)

    Contributed on Jul 21, 2003
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    Discover how to prepare for the end times

    We are coming to the final message in this mega-series on what our church believes. Last week, we talked about personal eschatology, or our personal end. We saw that our personal end or death is not avoidable, not natural and not final. This morning, we’ll look at cosmic eschatology or the end more