Summary: Jesus described the hearts His followers would ideally possess in the Beatitudes, hearts we should strive to build in ourselves

Matthew 5:1-12 (Series Introduction)

We must build hearts God favors,as Jesus described.

I Seek God (3) ...poor in spirit...

Know they don’t know it all

Know they need outside help

II Mourn Sin’s Results (4) ...they that mourn...

Sad from what the see, not proud

Give and receive help and encouragement

III Wait for God to Act (5) ...the meek...

Not resisting God’s directions

Following God and letting Him change life

IV Work to Further God’s Impact (6) ...after righteousness...

Work to satisfy strong desires for what’s right

Balance God’s grace and our good works

V Help Suffering People (7) ...the merciful...

Desire to be a “neighbor” (Luke 10:37)

Distributing mercy and relief

VI Seek Another’s Best (8) ...the pure in heart...

Clean hearts share service and love

Pure motives, even if misunderstood

VII Help Strengthen Relationships (9) ...the peacemakers...

Builders, not breakers

Reconciling with Christ (Colossians 1:20)

VIII Stand Up for What is Right (10-12) ...for my sake...

Does the “unusual” for God

Living a prophet whose actions rebuke the world

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