Summary: A sermon based on Acts 2:42 starting with the breakdown of the Apostles’ teaching and how they committed themselves to it.

Back to the Basics- Apostles’ teaching

Basic training

How many of you have been through basic training?

Christian’s have a basic training too!

Acts 2:42

Devote- to addict, reflexive pronoun, to devote oneself to, wholly

They were devoted to Christ and following Him

Military- you have to be devoted

Christian- you have to be devoted

Devoted to what?


People who teach have a huge responsibility

Public school teachers

You can reach the kids and other teachers for Christ

Especially when it comes to the Word of God

Some people think my job is easy!

James 3:1

Why did they have to devote themselves to this?

People didn’t know much about Jesus yet!

They didn’t have churches

They met in homes and in the Synagogues

This helped with the spread of Christianity

They didn’t have Bibles

There was no NT

All they had was what the Apostles said

The Bible IS the Apostles doctrine!

My College professors

Some didn’t have books, but I could learn from the knowledge

Why? Because they have studied

Do you have someone you can ask questions?

As a farmer you don’t ask me for help! I’m not a farmer!

This boils down to the principle of priorities

How do your priorities measure up?

What are your priorities?

Family, job, spouse, children, money, house, car???

So what?

Are you living your life according to the Word of God?

My guess is some of you have never made that decision

You’re riding the line

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