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Bringing Gifts of Glory

December 26, 2010

Matthew 2:1-11

2010 Hot Christmas Gifts

Christmas is past and like every year, a list was compiled of the hottest Christmas Gifts of the season. We start counting down; so here you go...

Number 10 - Nintendo Wii

Wii slips down the list from last year, but still retains a position in the top ten gifts, for the plain fact that it’s cool to have one!

Number 9 - Digital Camera

With new age, digital cameras have gone way down the price lane, as they cost you for less than a 100$. And if that isn’t reason enough to pick one, know that even the most decent of ones today possess amazing quality, up-to-date features, editing options and tons of storage.

Number 8 - New Apple iPods

YO my hommies!! These are the coolest little gadgets available right now. With Apple unveiling the latest iterations to all its models, starting with iPod shuffle; entertainment has become so much more ’Applesque’.’ The new iterations are neater, sleeker, handier and less costly. The latest shuffle cost just $50!

Number 7 - DVD Specials

It can be the long forgotten collection or a collector’s edition only, but it’s worth it. Just imagine a box set of all episodes of your favorite series even those you missed. Well, that can add glitters to anyone’s Christmas celebrations. You can also find DVD of special performances or DVDs of movies with added footage for real hardcore fans!

Number 6 - Favorite Accessories

This is especially for people who spend a lot of time with different things and are either semi-or fully obsessed with something. For example, if your friend spends way lot of time with his lappy, buy him something for his laptop and see his face light up. If he plays guitar, get him something related to that, even if it means buying that exotic pick! After all, this was something which he always wished for, isn’t it? If your teenager holds his/ her cell phone dearer, then buy him neat accessories for that and rest assured, your thought shall be rewarded with endless gratefulness.

Number 5 - Gift Certificate

A hassle free and very convenient option! Also it, in reality, becomes the most personalized option.

Number 4 - Holiday Travel Package

Ski trips to beach trips. Giving a trip was popular this year.

Number 3 - Personalized Gift Basket

You can go the traditional way and gift your acquaintance chocolate or liquor baskets. A great choice will be filling a great looking basket with the most favorite candies, chocolates, treats and even beer or liquors. However, if you are ready to tread the less known path, then go for hobby baskets. If the person likes playing baseball, give him/her a basket with memorabilia, limited edition stuff and some new gear. If he/she loves collecting something, then fill in the basket with some new collectibles.

Number 2 - Collection Of Old Memories In A Scrapbook

Again, a very touching gift! Real tears will welt up your own eyes even as you compile it and by the time you will be finished, you may not want to gift the scrapbook away. A very touchy and sensitive gift, this can be for people with whom you share a close bond of love, such as your parents, in-laws, siblings, partner, children, friends and so on.

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