Summary: The calll of God bring changes upon the life of th called out ones

Calling Changes Character

Text: Luke 5:27


Let us all read the passage in Luke 5:27-31

Levi as a Tax collector what kind of man is he?

What is his character as a man?

What is his relationship towards others?

Lets us summarize his status as a man of position and prestige

1. The Character

He is Keen




good manager

busy man


Become rich due to manipulation

He could have been





He must have been









treathened by many zealots

From the pointers we saw above how can we evaluate the kind of life Levi is living

Was he a fulfilled man?

Was he a tired man?

Was he a man with a peace of mind?


Someone have said that MONEY is often unmakes man who makes it

Levi was a man who know how to earn money a lot of money but the question is --- Was he really fulfilled?

His immidiate respond to Jesus calling would tell us that his present status is not that fulfilling otherwise he could have denied Jesus request of following him.

Money is an article which may be used as an universal passport everywhere except heaven and as universal provider for everything except happiness

George Truett Long time pastor of First Baptist Church

Dallas, Texas : was invited by a rich man from Texas

The rich man boasted about his possesion from North to South, East and west: Treuett place his hand in man’s shoulder and pointing heavenward and said; How much do you have in that direction?

2. The Call

Jesus knew before the foundation of the world who are those who are his. He passed by at Levi’s tax booth and ask him to follow him . levis was so busy doing his regular task but immediately halted from his work and responded at once

Truly God’s calling his men when they are busy

God never goes to the lazy or the idle when he needs someone for his service . When God wants a worker . When he has work to be done. He goes to those who are already at work. When God wants a great servant , He calls a busy person. Scripture and history attest this truth.

Moses was busy with his flockat Horeb

Gideon was busy threshing for his father’s winepress

Saul was busy searching for his father’s lost beast

David was busy caring for his father’s sheep.

Elisha was busy plowing with twelve yoke of oxen.

Nehemiah was busy bearing the king’s wine cup

Amos was busy following the flock.

Peter and Andrew were busy casting a net into the sea

James and John were busy mending thier nets

Matthew (Levi)was busy collecting taxes

Saul was busy persecuting the friends of Jesus

William Carey was busy mending and making shoes

Yes it is true when God calls us it is in the time when we are busy but...

Everytime Satan tries to get our attention and calling us it would always during the time when we are not busy

during the timne when we are idle and relax and doing nothing then s.uddenly it would flash in,our mind those annoying temtatiom to do thing which is not pleasing to God. Recent reseach found out that most of the crimes happen during liesure time

Idle mind is Satan’s workshop

King David could have avoided the calling of Satan

(Batsheba affair) If he were busy fighting with his men.

3. The Change

Suddenly Levi followed Christ and even blow out a party in his house . He even invited his friends and many sinners. Surely this kind of man is very chossey when it comes to inviting peoiple to have dinner with him in his house. He is no longer discriminating ,he become accomodating , loving ang other centered or becooming people oriented. He is no longer selfish, selfcenterd and materialistic. Note that the author of the first book of the New Testament is Matthew which is the same person Jesus Called in the Tax booth

Levi means "Joined" probably he wish to be with some true friends or he wanted to be accepted because of his status : Rejected,dispised,hated as tax collector

Jesus Changed his name to Matthew means " Gift from God. He become truly a gift of God to all of us Christians because we owe to him the first book of the New Testament

4. The Conviction

HIs conviction of following Christ is resolute, he even invited his co-workers , other tax collector and many sinners . Why? LIke Jesus levi is very evangelistic he wanted to see even his fellow sinner to experience the joy of Jesus peace, love and salvation.

5. The Contradiction:

As a christians how are we dealing with shrewd people we know? in business? in our circle of friends? Are we like Christ or the Pharissees?

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