Summary: Gaining strength through Christ’s example

Christ’s Example in Suffering

I Peter 2:18-25

Today we will be taking a look at Christ’s example in suffering using the backdrop relationships of servants and masters. Now you may be thinking that we don’t have servant/master relationships these days, but I want you to think in terms of those who have authoritative position over you, say a boss for example.

The first mandate we are given is to obey and respect those in authority over us. What does this mean? It means to do what is asked of you. This means even if it wasn’t asked of you in the best manner. Always respect the person asking, this does not necessarily mean that you respect the behavior.

The kindness or cruelty of the one asking makes no difference. We are to treat everyone with equal respect. Seeing all people as God sees us. When we look upon each other with God’s eyes we level playing field.

Having a proper perspective on our relationships is easier when we remember that our loyalty belongs first and foremost to God. He will bless for unwavering loyalty to Him. He will bless us when we suffer for


It is important that we realize that Jesus was our example of suffering. Jesus suffered for you even though He never sinned. He was pure in word, thought and deed. Even under attack and persecution He never retaliated. It is amazing to look upon His actions when we consider that His abuse was undeserved and what’s more, His abuse was meant for you. He did not threaten those who harmed Him, but instead said Father, forgive them. In the midst of His suffering, He left justice in God’s hands.

Our faith In God is our strength under fire. By faith we must trust God to judge fairly. You must trust God to see you through. You must trust God to give you the endurance.

Not only is Jesus our example, but Jesus is also our Savior. Jesus took your sin and shame. The cross was His was also your destiny. Because our old sinful nature was nailed to the cross, we are no longer slaves. You have been set free, you must choose a new path. Jesus pain was your gain.

Once we were lost, but now we are found. Jesus watches over us and guides us through the trials of life. Always take comfort in the fact that He cares for and nurtures you.

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