Summary: Christmas as seen from the earthly father of Jesus Christ.

Christmas Through The Eyes of Joseph

Matt. 1:18-25, Micah 5:2-5, Luke 2:1-7

Last week we began a series entitled, Christmas Through the Eyes of…

Mary had a prospective on Christmas that you and I will never understand.

I believe that Joseph had a prospective that we can learn from as well.

What does Christmas mean to you?

I think it is unfortunate that we have allowed Christmas to become a marketing tool to bolster retailers.

It should be a celebration in honor of our Lord.

As we look at Christmas from the prospective of people who were there, we can gain insights as to just how special the Christmas season is.

Joseph, Jesus’ earthly father…

A Marriage Pledge— Matt. 1:18-25

Joseph and Mary were planning their wedding.

Weddings during this time in history were very different than weddings today. Weddings consisted of two parts, the betrothal – engagement and the marriage ceremony. This may seem like our marriage, however it is quite different.

The betrothal was a form of engagement agreed to by a parent or brother sealed with a marriage contract and payment, known as a bride price or deposit. Betrothal was final and could be broken only by infidelity of the bride or groom. It was a time of probation and testing of fidelity.

The betrothal was considered marriage without consummation and living together. Social contact was limited and the marriage ceremony did not take place for up to a year or more.

The marriage ceremony was a public display of what had already taken place in the betrothal process where a family and friend celebration took place. Following the ceremony the bridegroom could then take his bride home for the first time.

n Mary is with child.

Place yourself in Joseph’s shoes, what would you be thinking?

I can only imagine Joseph when he heard from Mary that she was with child, it probably infuriated him.

Today many marriages find themselves with broken marriage vows or broken trust. The pain and hurt is unbelievable and destructive. Joseph must have been crushed.

This might have been the conversation:

Mary: Joseph, I have something that we need to talk about.

Joseph: What is it Mary.

Mary: Joseph, I am with child (joy and peace in her heart).

Joseph: How could this be? Mary you and I…(pause)…we are to be married soon. Mary I…(pause)……..

Mary: Joseph you don’t understand, let me explain.

Joseph: Mary there is no understanding; you know what must happen now. Mary I must put you away, you will be put to death.

Mary: No Joseph this child is different, this is God’s son, an angel told me so!

Joseph: An angel?

n Joseph’s Dream—

Joseph decided to wait before he made a decision as what must be done with Mary.

During his sleep that night an angel came to him. The angel told Joseph that Mary was with child and that he was God’s son, even gave his name, Jesus.

Again, I don’t know if God uses angels to impart messages to men today, I don’t think so because he uses the Holy Spirit, however, if an angel came to you and told you something like this what would you think?

I can imagine Joseph must have been shocked and scared. I do know from scripture that he was a righteous man and that he trusted God and His plan for Mary and Joseph.

Sometimes God will tell you something that will seem strange and weird. Trust God, He wants only to bless you.

A Journey of Faith— Luke 2:1-7

The Bible teaching on the birth of Jesus leads us to follow Mary and Joseph as they fulfilled the prophesies of scriptures.

Joseph had just found out that Mary was with child. He now gets word that Caesar Augustus in Rome called a census. This meant that Mary and Joseph would have to travel to Bethlehem, Joseph’s hometown.

This lends further understanding of Christ human origin in that he came from the lineage of David.

The problem with this is that to travel from Nazareth to Bethlehem would require them to travel during the same time Mary was to give birth.

Joseph must have been concerned for his wife and I can only imagine that he didn’t want to take this journey.

Sometimes God leads us down a road in life that we don’t understand, however God is in control and has a perfect plan for our lives.

Not only did they have to travel at a bad time in their lives, but also Jesus was born in a manger.

Now men, think about this for a minute. We took our wives to a hospital. A sterile, clean, well stocked, well trained hospital. Joseph had to take his wife to an inn, while trying to get a room the only thing left was a smelly, unclean, environmentally unfit manger.

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