Summary: Expectation is a key ingredient of receiving our miracle from God.

The Mechanics of a Miracle

Part 3: “Expectation”

Lakewood | Pastor Jonathan | 11-27-2016

Ps. 62:5 - I’m expecting people to get their miracle while I am preaching this morning. I dare you to believe with me!

I. Atmosphere of Expectancy

A. Lame man at the gate called Beautiful - Acts 3:1-10

B. Woman with the Issue of blood. - Mark 5:25-34 (28) She said… Expectancy!

C. We shouldn’t advertise what we can’t produce!

II. Expect the Mechanics of Faith to produce the Miracle that you need RIGHT NOW!

A. Faith Cometh… from somewhere! - Romans 10:17

1. Faith originates with God and comes to us through the Word of God

2. Hearing by the Word of God means… We can only hear God correctly when we are immersed in the Word!

B. Faith comes when the Gospel is preached! - Acts 14:7-10

1. Talk to your soul; Speak to your mind, will & emotions. - Psalm 103:1-5

2. God has to be your only source - Psalm 62:5-6

III. We are expecting Jesus to come! - I Thessalonians 4:13-18

A. I’m “expecting” the Lord to come!

1. Signs of the times are everywhere. Luke 21:7-28 (Read & Expound)

2. Why do we work so hard? BECAUSE JESUS IS COMING SOON!

3. I’m “expecting” to hear that trumpet any day now!

B. I’m “expecting” to experience that New Jerusalem someday! - Rev. 21:9-27

1. I’m going to see loved ones who have gone before!

2. I’m going to see Abraham, Isaac & Jacob… King David and all of the Prophets!

3. I’m going to see the Apostle Paul and Peter, James and John etc.!


Closing: Are we living in “Expectation”?

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