Summary: Description of Faith, Hope and Love and how these three join together.

Faith, Hope and Love

The readings for today are to be found in 1 Corinthians 13:13. These three remain, Faith Hope and Love. Now two weeks ago, I spoke on Faith, and how faith was in reality a belief in Jesus Christ. In other words, Faith is simply believing in Jesus Christ. Can you say Amen?

I also went to explain that we can measure Faith, by the amount of word we have inside of us. So if we have a great deal of healing word, we will be in a better position to receive our healing than if we had a lot of the prosperity message. In other words, our understanding and ability to absorb new word is based on our previous teachings on that subject.

Now satan comes to steal your word. He does not want the word inside you, because the word inside you can start to grow. Once the word takes root and grows, then it becomes dangerous to satan. The last thing satan wants is for the word to come out of your mouth at any time. The word is a double edged sword, but it is no good inside the sheath. The sword is only dangerous once it leaves the sheath. Inside the sheath it is not dangerous to anyone, or anything. You cannot skin a deer with your knife inside its cover, now can you. You can’t shoot a deer with your rifle inside your truck. If you go hunting, you don’t leave the rifle inside the truck, now do you? The rifle has to come out and then its actually has to be fired. Now in the same way, you won’t shoot a deer with a shotgun, and you won’t shoot a turkey with a .22 caliber rifle, you need the correct rifle for the correct application. In other words, if you were to go fishing for a big old spoonbill fish you need a heavy fishing pole. Am I right? Can you say Amen?

Now in the same way, if there is a finger that has just been chopped of and your hand is bleeding, there is no point in saying...

:”Well, bless God, money cometh...” Yup, money cometh, and you are going to need it to pay for the medical bills to fix your finger, but if you had the right scripture for that old finger, you wouldn’t need the money to pay for the bills. So if your finger is chopped off, and you are bleeding all over your wife’s carpet, its better to claim, that I am the healed of the Lord, and By His Stripes I was healed. This way, you won’t need the money to pay the medical bills, nor will you need the pain killers. Can you say Amen?

Back to my hunting rifle, you can shoot a deer with a shotgun, but there may not be any meat left to eat afterwards...amen?

We also learnt, or rather I did, not sure if anyone remembers this but the word inside you needs to be spoken out. Then you need to act upon that word. In James we read that faith without actions is useless. Lets go back to our hunting scenario. Okay, you have the right caliber hunting rifle, and you have the rifle outside of the truck, now you need to actually fire it, in order to kill the deer. Pointing the rifle without firing it is not going to get you any meat. Ladies, if we had to look at this from your view point, having the credit card outside of the purse, does not get you the new outfit. You actually have to give it to the sales person before you can take the new outfit home with you. You actually have to say the word, the right word, and then you need to do something about it. In other words, saying the word, gets you no where, without actually doing something with the word. Faith without action is no good. Okay so what do I mean. Well, you have just chopped off your finger, you bleeding what do you do. Well, the first thing is to stop bleeding on your wife’s carpet. A mad wife is dangerous, especially if you cannot defend yourself. Amen? Now the next thing is to speak to that finger, in a commanding voice, that you are the healed of the LORD. You also have to remind your body to come under subjection of the word of God. Now your body is probably going to fight this for a while, in other words, you may carry on bleeding for a while. Sometimes when you shoot a deer, it carries on running for a while, depending on where you shoot him.

When you catch a fish, sometimes, it runs for a while, before you can bring him in to the boat. Amen?

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