Summary: First in a series leading up to Easter about why Jesus came.

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Series: Why Did Jesus Come?

Sermon Title: 1-Because We were enemies with God

Scripture: Philippians 3: 17-4:1

Sermon Notes

I. Jesus Came because We Are E______________ of God

A. Becoming an Enemy of God

“enemies”—comes from the verb that means, ‘to H_______.’

Adam and Eve ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. In that act of D___________________, they declared themselves to be enemies with God.

King Saul began to do some things that he was not supposed to do: He consulted a M_____________. He was trying to force God to do what he wanted God to do.

B. What is an Enemy of God Like?, v. 19

Their destiny is D__________________.

Their god is what they are H_____________ for deep down.

The things that them glory, they should be A____________ of.

Their mind is on earthly things– Physical, M______________

II. Jesus Came So We Could Be Citizens of H____________

A. Our citizenship begins while we are here on E_________.

God wants us to be R_______________________ with Him.

‘reconcile,’ means—to make changes, so that two things are in A______________.

The word, ‘citizen,’ is where we get the word, ‘politics,’ from, but it means, ‘your behavior,’ or ’your way of L_________.’

B. God makes it possible so that we can really B______ with Him forever in heaven.

Immigrants who become citizens are naturalized.

Believers in Christ will be G_________________.v.21

What does that means to live like we are citizens of heaven?

Giving our whole-hearted P_____________ to Him in worship.

Fellowshipping together with other B________________

Getting to know Jesus B_________ through His Word.

Loving one another and helping to meet N______ people have. Telling others that they can B___________ citizens of heaven.

Series: Why Did Jesus Come?

Sermon Title: 1-Because We were enemies with God

Scripture: Philippians 3: 17-4:1

There are many people we could call Friends of the cross, and, then, there are those who Paul called Enemies of the Cross. As Romans 5: 10 tells us, we all have been part of this second group.

I am beginning a series called, “Why Did Jesus Come?,” and the first reason I want to mention is this: He came because WE were ENEMIES with God.

I. Jesus Came because We Are Enemies of God

A. Becoming an Enemy of God

18 For, as I have often told you before and now say again even with tears, many live as enemies of the cross of Christ.

"many live as enemies of the cross of Christ"

The noun, enemies, comes straight from the verb that means, ‘to hate.’ In the Greek language, the word for enemy is ‘echthros.’ The word SOUNDS hateful.

The current teaching in Jesus’ day was that you were to love your neighbor, but it was OK to HATE your ENEMY—to hate those who were hateful to you, or who hated you. That’s what religious people were teaching.

Wars have been going on for quite some time, haven’t they? As people, we get to the point where we not only dislike somebody, we begin to hate them. Maybe it’s because they have done a wrong to us or to a loved one. Maybe it’s because a nation begins to oppress another nation. Maybe it’s because one religion opposes another.

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