Summary: This message deals with the responsibility that comes from being blessed by God to return a "Thank You!!!" to Him, and to live, in response to His goodness and grace, a life of thanksgiving.

"Only one said ’Thank You!!!’"

Text: Luke 18:11-19

Sermon writer-Rev. Danny Moss


Graditude seems to be a lost virtue in our

society today. Many people seem to think that

the world owes them a living, and that they should

have much more than they presently possess. You

know, Jesus said that "A man’s life does not con-

sist in the abundance of his material possessions."

(paraphrase). See Luke 12:15. The accumulation

of "things" does not give us lasting happiness.

They only temporarily satisfy, and then, we need

a newer, bigger, and better toy to play with.

As the wisest of men once wrote-"...the eye is not

satisfied with seeing, nor the ear filled with

hearing." Ecc. 1:8 A greedy soul never has

enough. It would be a lie if I told you I didn’t

wish I had some material things. But, I have

learned that I can do without some things I used

to think I had to have. I hope, too, that I am

learing what really has real, lasting value, and

what the world cannot take away from us as be-

lievers in the Lord Jesus Christ.

In the passage of Scripture which I just read, we

see that Jesus has just performed a notable mira-

cle. He had healed ten lepers. They had begged

Him for a miracle of healing, and they all had

received that for which they asked; however, only

one of the ten turned around and went back to Jesus

and told him "Thank You!!!" Jesus remarked, "Where

are the other nine that I healed?" You would think

that as desperate as their situation was, and as

hopeless and life-threatening as it surely was,

they all would have rushed back to where Jesus was

and would have fallen at his feet, in humble

thankfulness for what God had done for them, but

only one did-and he was a Samaritan!!!"

How often, and how sincerely do we thank God for

all that He does for us? Truly, healing from a

life-threatening disease is wonderful, but even

greater is the forgiveness of our sins, and

deliverance from our souls from eternal seperation

from God, in an awful place, called Hell.

For this, God’s salvation, we should eternally

be offering praise and thanksgiving to God.

Nothing could be a greater gift to anyone than the

gift of eternal life, to live with our Father

forever in Heaven.

We also have many other blessings for which we

should be thankful. Among these are-

Our families-

Our health-

Our freedom-

Our country-

Our peace in a hostile world-We don’t have to

go to bed at night and sleep with one eye open,

afraid of what the darkness might bring

Our food, clothing, nice homes, cars, schools,

hospitals, jobs, good economy, etc.-the list is

endless. We could go on and on. God has been

good to all of us. I don’t say that there may

be some times that some of us had to do without,

but, for the most part, we have lived in great

wealth and prosperity in comparison with the

rest of the world. For this, we should thank


I pastor a church that is very loving and giving.

We support many mission causes. In addition to

this, we support other ministries, and things

such as World Hunger, and Disaster Relief. But,

you know, in spite of the scores of people we

have helped with our benevolence fund, I know of

only a precious few who have ever called back, or

written, and said "Thank you!" That means a lot,

folks, when someone appreciates what you have

done for them, and you hear them say those special

words, "Thank you!"

God loves a cheerful giver, according to the Bible,

and I believe it teaches in this passage that He

loves a cheerful receiver also!

But, you know, that’s the kind of God our Lord is.

He keeps on giving, and forgiving, even when men

fail to return a "thank you: to Him.

I want to say "Thank you!!" to all of you who do

the work of this church also. Thank you for giving

to the Lord! That’s what the popular song says,

and it is so true. Lives would never have been

changed in many places, and on many occassions, if

you had not been a giving people, who reached out

in compassionate love to others.

I hope that it won’t be like the title of this

sermon today-Only one thanked God! I don’t believe

that it will be. But, don’t thank me, thank Him

from whom all blessings flow. Thank Jesus, and if

there is anyone here in this audience today who

has never received His salvation, I invite you now

to come to Christ. He alone, by His precious shed

blood can save you. Come, and when He reaches

down and touches you, look up, and tell Him "Thank


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