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Summary: From 1 Peter Series: What were some of the issues in Peter’s heart he had to overcome in order to be used by God in fulness?

1 Peter 1:2-12

VCC July 26, 1998


Written by Peter

Acts 4:13, described as unlearned and ignorant men

This means that they did not go through formal religious training, NOT professional religious leaders

He had simply been with Jesus for 3 years

He simply had been baptised in the Holy Spirit and allowed Him to work in His life.

Peter was one of the apostles that founded the early church

Eph. 2:20--church is built on the work of apostles and prophets.

Written to believers that were scattered around northern Asia Minor (modern Turkey).

They were going through a time of suffering and persecution.

Themes in 1 Peter


Fifteen times Peter refers to suffering, and used 8 different words to do so.

Reasons they were suffering

Because they were living godly lives and doing what was good and right (2:19-23; 3:14-18; 4:1-4, 15-19

Suffering reproach for the name of Christ (4:14)

Being railed at by unsaved people (3:9-10)

Peter wanted to encourage them and help them remember that their suffering would lead to glory (1:6,7; 4:13-14; 5:10)

Glory (1:7,8,11,21; 2:12: 4:11-16; 5:1,4,10,11)

Hope = a confident assurance of the future glory and blessing of God.

living hope (1:3)

hope till the end (1:13)

Defend the hope (3:15)

Christian wives hope 3:5)

1 Peter 1:2, Chosen by God (also 2:9)

IN God’s foreknowledge

Before we loved Him, God fore knew us and loved us and did things to draw us to Himself.

How Trinity Works in the New Birth

Before foundation of World , Father sets his love personally on us and as far as He is concerned I was saved when He chose me in Christ.

I was saved when Jesus died on the cross from my sins and purchased me.

I was saved on night at a revival service at Cross Roads BiC Church as Holy Spirit convicted me and I received Holy Spirit’s indwelling in my heart.

ELECT = God doing anything that our merit and power have no part in.

1:3, Because of the resurrection of Jesus Christ we are given new birth

1 Peter 1:23-25, Born again through the living Word of God.

We have been chosen for a purpose and a goal.

Like the NBA draft... or picking up teams...you are chosen for a goal...win at the game at hand.

Chosen to receive a goal.

1:3, we have a living hope--hope always has a future goal.

Living hope has to do with the power of the HS that raised Christ from the dead.

1:4, You have an inheritance.

2 Peter 1:10,11, Make your calling and election sure...receive a rich welcome into the eternal kingdom.

1:5, the coming salvation ready to be revealed in the last time

Second coming of Christ

The manifestation of the sons of God, church coming to power, ruling and reigning with Christ.

Romans 8:18-19...creation awaits in eager anticipation for the sons of God to be revealed.

1:9, the goal of your faith, the salvation of your souls.

1:11, the glories of Christ that follow

The testing between being chosen and receiving the goal.

Like hyperextending arm before nationals, the opponets, no coach, 2nd seed in nation

Obstacles are always in the way to our goal.

James 1:2-4,12, Persevere so that you may get what you are going for!

Romans 8:18, present sufferings not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.

Peter knew what it was like to have his faith tested.

Mt. 14:22--walk on the water

Slightest ingredient of pride...selfish, vain glory will cause faith to waver in the fire.

Mt. 26:31-35,69-75, Denying Christ

John 6:69, Many turned backed...Peter knew that Jesus was the only place to go.

He alone could deal with the sin problem in his heart

He alone could give true peace, strength, and power to please the Father

NOT ritual, religion, success at work... Peter had tried all that and found something missing still...he knew that Jesus was his only answer.

Acts 2--Would Peter refuse this kind of moving of the HS or embrace it and flow with it?

Acts 10--Would Peter go outside of his normal sphere and go to Gentiles?

God Gives what we need to get to the goal.

1:2, Sanctifying work of HS in our lives...set apart for God, from the world influence so we can partner with God.

1:2, Grace...Divine enabling that has nothign to do with our own natural power, wisdom.

1:2, Peace...

Col 3:15 Let the peace of Christ rule [umpire] in your hearts. God’s peace helps to lead and guide us where we need to go and what we need to do or not do and say.

1:3, New birth...we must never take this precious gift for granted.

Now God deals with us as SONS, washed from our sin, recipients of His power, resources, blessing, glory. He will go before us, behind us, making all things work together for our good.

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