Summary: A brief introduction about the author, Peter, and then the entire letter was read to familiarize our church with the context. Individual messages will follow in the coming weeks.

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1 Peter Introduction

1 Peter Sermon Series, Part 1


∆ Point 1 – Who’s Peter?

So, let’s talk about Peter …

- His name, Cephas, in the Syriac language, means “rock”

-- One of the original 12 apostles (walked on water)

-- Was at the Transfiguration of Jesus

- Became a leader of the apostles in the first church (Acts 2-4)

-- Performed miracles of healing (Acts 3:6)

- Personal favorite: When Jesus asked him "Who do you say I am?" Peter made that famous statement, "You are the Christ (Messiah) the Son of the Living God." (Matthew 16:15-16)

- But … he had issues:

-- Loud personality (Most outspoken, bold statements) – bull in china shop

-- Denied Jesus when questioned three times

-- Cut off the ear of a soldier (who came to arrest Jesus)

- Big issue: Liked to live free until Jews were around

-- Turn to Galatians 2 … Read 11-14

-- He liked to hang with the Gentiles, till his fellow Jews came around

-- Then he would withdraw and act like he was holy and righteous

-- EX: With the gentiles: “love me some bacon!”; Jews around: “Ewwww …”

- History tells us he spent 9 months in prison called ∆ the “Mamertine”

-- He was also decreed an enemy of the Roman Empire by Nero

-- What happened here? Kept in total darkness and suffered horrible torture

-- He died in 67 AD -- crucified upside down by a vengeful Roman guard

∆ Map of 1 Peter

- This is an ancient mail route; circulation to the churches under persecution

-- 1 Peter is addressed to the “elect resident aliens” (note the cities – Revelation)

-- They were scattered throughout Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia, and Bithynia

- What I would like to do, is simply read this as the church would have then

-- It will take about 18 minutes to do so, so please just stick with me

-- The churches who received this would not have read it in parts/phrases

- It is a letter, meant to be listened to at one time … but there is more

-- There is something very special about having God’s word read over you

-- It causes us to hear everything in context; and the Spirit moves in the words

∆ Read Letter (slide of Sanctified Suffering)

- So, let’s conclude … Peter gives us four things that we are going to see in detail:

(1) Calls us to perseverance under persecution (1–2:10);

(2) Calls us to the practical duties of a holy life (2:11–3:13);

(3) Shows us the example of Christ in patience and holiness (3:14–4:19); and

(4) Finishes with strong counsel to pastors and people (chap. 5)

- What we will see in this letter is not only these four things … but more

-- It is my prayer that we will see how we need to understand the work of Christ

- We’ve been called to serve, to sacrifice, and to devotion for Him

- Will be accept the calling or continue on with the “status quo”?

- Pray

-- Thankful for hearing God’s Word read over us

-- Ask for help in understanding what we should be doing today

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