Summary: How many times in your life have you prayed? How many times have you truly experienced the power of prayer?

POWERFUL PRAYERS to a powerful God

How many times in your life have you prayed?

I’ve been a Christian for around 27 years now, and if we assume that I have prayed only once a day for 27 years thats 9,855 prayers.

I’ve probably prayed more than that,

I start and end my day with prayer

I often pray for people during the day,

I go to prayer meetings and I still pray a prayer of thanks before I eat a meal.

Prayer is a natural part of my day and I hope it is part of your too.

Prayer is simply speaking to God.

If you are like me, then there have been times you have prayed short prayers and other times when you have prayed long prayers.

You’ve probably prayed for circumstances and situations in your own life and the life of others.

You have prayed prayers of praise and prayers of petition. Prayers of sorrow and prayers of joy.

At times you have prayed in public and you have prayed in private.

Maybe there have been times when you have thought long and hard about how you should pray about something specific

and maybe there have been other times when you have just opened your mouth and the words have just flowed straight from your heart.

All of those different prayers and different ways of praying.

As I thought about that in preparation for this message it led me to think about 2 other questions:

How often have I experienced the Power of Prayer in my own life?


How often have I prayed a Powerful Prayer?

I think all of us have in one way or another experienced the power of prayer in our lives.

God answering prayer in the perfect way at the perfect time.

We know when we pray, we pray to a God who listens and answers according to His perfect will and purpose.

Christians through the centuries have experienced the POWER OF PRAYER.

But maybe too many of us have assumed for too long that Powerful Prayers are always prayed by someone other than ourselves........

The truth is Prayer is one of the greatest blessings God has given to every believer.

Prayer is a powerful weapon.

Prayer is one of the most important things in a life of faith.

It is often said that prayer changes things,

and I believe that God wants prayer to change us too!

I believe God wants every one of us to move forward in our prayer life - individually, corporately God wants us, His people, to be Powerful Pray ERS that pray powerful prayers.


The Bible teaches that God is the same yesterday, today and forever doesn’t it?

God has not lost His power. But sometimes it seems that our prayers are devoid of any power.

Friends, the miracle working God we read of in the Bible still works miracles today and He will continue to work miracles tomorrow too.

We need to expect God to answer prayers in power.

And maybe we need to trust God more that He can work a miracle in our own life and in the lives of others today.

Maybe we need to really trust in the power of prayer.

Each and every one of us has the potential, in faith,

to pray a powerful prayer.

A prayer like the prayer of Moses that saved Israel,

a prayer like the prayer of Elisha that raised the dead,

a prayer like the prayer of the Church that rescued Peter,

a prayer like the prayer of Pentecost that led to 3,000 people being saved.

Prayers of people who had the faith to believe in God’s power and God’s promises.

Powerful prayers to a powerful God.


This morning I want us to briefly consider three powerful prayers of people who had the faith to believe that God could and would act in a powerful way.

The prayer of Abraham

The prayer of Joshua

The prayer of Jabez


Life was not easy for Abraham, Abraham had times when his faith wavered.

Abraham had the faith to go to a new land but did not believe he and Sarah could have a son.

But, if there is one thing that Abraham teaches us,

it is sincerity.

There are times when God tests us to see how sincere we are in what we are asking Him for.

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In Genesis 18 there is the account of when God appeared to Abraham, and they spoke with each other.

Remeber I said earlier that prayer is speaking to God, imagine what a difference there would be in our prayer lives if we also spoke face to face to our Lord.

There are two parts to Genesis 18, in the first part the Lord tells Abraham that Sarah, at the age of 90, would give birth to a son.

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