Summary: A person don't just decide the day before a Marathon to run! They have to train, keep their focus, and not look back. The Christian has to have the same desire to train and RUN!


Define Marathon: An endurance race that pushes a runner to their limits.


I. Ready to Train (v.24-25)

A. Some Christians view the Church as a spectator sport! We get

comfortable and watch the show.

B. Others believe God will train them by the words of the preacher alone!

C. Training starts in YOU! (V.25)


Bible Study


Christian Living

all have to be applied and practiced.

D. The enemy is closer to us than we know--we'll talk about em in a minute.

II. Unwavering Focus (v. 26)

A. After training starts, we have to keep our head in the game!

B. What happens when a player loses their focus?

They forget why they are playing.

They forget what they are playing for.

They get confused about what to do next.

They lose hope, and generally the game.

C. Galatians 5:7

“You were running a good race. Who cut in on you and kept you from

obeying the truth?”

– Who or What is cutting in on your focus?

+ Politics -

+ The Name Outside the Church Building

(Forget Christian! I'm a *Fill in the blank* )

+ Sin (Gossip, Backbiting, Discouraging the Saints, Secret Sins)


D. The crown of life lies ahead! We have to keep that focus!!!!

III. Never Look Back (v.27)

A. We have our regimen, we have our focus, and now we don’t look back!

B. Paul fought against his most difficult adversary every day! HIMSELF!

He had to defeat his past and his desires to build a closer relationship

with Christ!

C. This is our #1 Enemy! We, too, have to fight against our own past and

desires to run the race effectively!


We have to be willing to RUN! This race can’t be won sitting down, it can’t be won for us by someone else, and it can’t be done unless we get actively engaged in it! My Question to you know is this:

R – U – N? Are You In? Can you say I am in for Christ? Can you say I’m running the good race!? R U N?

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