Summary: Discover how to use your mouth to provoke the miracles you greatly desire


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Your life is at the mercy of your mouth.

Your mouth is the rudder of your life.

Your mouth organizes and directs your life.

Life opens in the direction of your mouth.

Don’t close your mouth if you don’t want your life to close.

Don’t use your mouth to describe your situation. Rather use it to declare your expectation.

God is committed to perform only what your mouth releases.

The greatest discipline in life is the discipline of the tongue.

Control of tongue is control of life.

Destiny revolves around the tongue. Just everything around man dances around his tongue.

Direct your life by directing your utterances. James 3:1-7

God respects just what you say. Num 14:28

You can have only what you say. Mk 11:23-24

What you say is what you see.

What you talk is what you take. Gen 1:1-end

Just everything respond to the tongue no matter how big they appear to be.

Now, take full charge of your life.

Num.14:28; Is.44:26, Mk.11:24

You will Succeed!

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