Summary: Hearing God’s Voice For Breakthrough

The Shepherd & The Sheep 6

Hearing God’s Voice For Breakthrough

1 Chronicles 14:8-12

2 Samuel 5:17-21

Many of us have used a power drill at one time or another… when your drilling and pushing, trying to bore a whole in a piece of wood…

You need to put pressure on the drill as you push, and then suddenly the drill breaks through the other side of the board, and there is no resistance anymore…

That’s what God can do in every area of our lives. God breaks through a problem or situation to get us into a place of insight and understanding,

…of Faith, hope, or resolve. Sometimes the problem is solved or sometimes it isn’t, but the problem no longer has the same weight.

A load is made easy, and a burden is made light. A new opportunity comes our way. a door is opened, a path forward is make clear.

Would you like breakthrough in some area of your life today? God invites us to hear His voice for breakthrough, it’s a relational process, a friendship process, a King and His servant process…

God invites you to a closer walk with Him. That’s where your breakthrough will be found… in a closer walk with Him.

I believe every Christian longs for breakthroughs from God in their lives. We long to hear His voice more clearly, more regularly.

Maybe your praying for more faith, you long for a breakthrough so that having a quiet time is no longer a struggle. Or you need a fresh perspective and spiritual understanding?

Perhaps your praying for family, for a wayward child. Or breakthrough in your finances for better $ management or more money?

In the last of the series The Shepherd and The Sheep we are going to look at a warrior who was the King with a Shepherds heart…

The Philistines have raided the valley of Raphaim and David inquires of God. In the midst of His need for a breakthrough, David inquires of God

And asks to hear the voice of the Lord about this specific matter… this is the key to practicing faith…

Stand and Read 1 Chronicles 14:8-12

2 Samuel 5:17-21 - Pray

God responded to David specifically. God told David to go up and engage in battle, for He would deliver the philistines into David’s hand.

That, to me for today, is the crux of the story because at that point David had a word from the Lord. He had exactly what he needed to act in faith.

If we define faith as taking God at His word, then we need to have a word from God that we can believe in and act upon.

Once God tells us what to do, then we’re not moving on presumptions. We don’t need to dream up faith or make it up or conjure it up.

If we ask God and God answers by His word, then we can have faith and act upon that word.

Why would David need to inquire of God when the enemy was the valley of Rephaim? Rephaim means GIANT…

David had already defeated the Philistine giant named Goliath, and now he is facing more philistines in the land of the Giants… you’d think that David would think this is no problem, I’ve done it once before…

But he chooses to inquire of the Lord. David wanted to know that his initiative wouldn’t be done on his own understanding…

David had strength and skill on his side – he killed Lion and Bear and Goliath, and killed 10’s of 1000 philistine soldiers,

He had experience on his side, yet he inquires of God because he wanted to have faith on his side. David knew that a much greater strength and confidence would come from relying on God.

How does this relate to you and me? We will not have breakthroughs in our own lives unless we have faith. And we will not have faith unless we hear God.

So we will not have breakthroughs unless we purposely and regularly set aside time to hear from God. Faith is not a blind leap…

The bible says that Gods word is a lamp unto my feet and a light for our path, when God gives a word, we have enough light to take the 1st step.

Faith is never blind, it always relies on the Word of God.

Let’s look again at 2 Samuel 5:17-21 = David specifically calls the place Baal Perazim why? Baal is the name of the philistine false god.

And Baal Perazim means “master of breakthrough” so why would David call it that? Is seems like he is calling Baal the master of breakthrough..

But in reality the mountain was call Mt. Baal before the battle, this is the place where the enemy felt strongest and surest…

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