Summary: In times of uncertainty, fear and anxiety can dominate our thinking to the point of spiritual inaction. God's word gives us direction for even our daily lives. Redeem the time, make use of every opportunity - intentionally.

OPEN: Habakkuk 3:17-19

A. Habakkuk is facing uncertain times.

1. a time of questions / fear / unknown.

2. the enemy is coming, what is really going to happen?

3. He knows God is mighty, knows God cares but doesn't know how it is all going to play out.

B. Habakkuk offers some sustaining thoughts

1. Keep the joy of the Lord

a. you trust Him for eternity -- trust Him in the now.

2. Remember your strength comes from above.

3. Let Him lift you up and stabilize you in these troubled times.

1) Our Purpose Reminder.

A. Uncertainty Distracts

1. As believers, our purpose is to pursue God.

2. When crisis comes, we tend to become reactionary rather than intentionally pursuing His grace.

3. In Ephesians 5, Paul reminds us that it was for this moment that we were called to be God's children. What

moment? The hard moment / the uncertain moment.

5. When does it become the most obvious as to who are the children of God? the dark moments of life. Hope

shines brightest in the dark times.

6. Eph 5:1 Be imitators of God, as beloved children...

As a young child imitates Daddy, You imitate God.

7. Eph 5:2 Follow the example of Christ. For such a time as this you were called to walk in love.

B. Jesus Clearly Defines His Mission

1. Luke 4:43 Jesus was sent to preach to us.

2. John 12:27 Jesus came intentionally for the hour of trial

3. Peter reminds us that we as Christians were called to this hour as well, that Christ suffered to show us how

to suffer... 1Peter 2:21

C. Re-center Purpose

1. Paul is calling for us to renew that vision of pursuing the Holiness and grace of our Lord.

2. Imitate and walk in love just as He walked

a. walk in love even when you become fearful

b. walk in love even when you are frustrated

c. walk in the realization of God's Love when you know that you are in an un-loveable state!

3. Paul knows that if we intentionally decide to imitate God's love, it will transform us COMPLETELY

2) Our Purpose Defined

A. Eph 5:3-12

1. Paul makes application of the concept of imitating, putting flesh on our purpose

2. John helps us to understand this picture as well (1Jn 1:5) when he shares that "God is light and in Him is no

darkness at all."

3. Paul tells us (Eph 5:8) that as believers we used to be darkness but now we are light in the Lord, so live like


4. Our lives are going to look like -- goodness -- righteousness -- truth

5. So no immorality or greed in your life or in your talk.

6. verse 11 reminds us to not participate in / have fellowship with those dark acts any longer. Separate

yourself as God would. "Be Holy just as He is Holy"

B. Eph 5:13,14

1. Let Christ shine on you even in dark times.

2. Don't go to sleep spiritually just because your routine gets disrupted

3. there is still much work to be done for Jesus.

4. Maybe in this time of unrest God has granted us opportunity to pause and focus on the state of our houses.

5. It's time for a little house cleaning, spiritually.

C. Eph 5:15,16

1. This concept of 'redeeming the time' is very pertinent to us today.

2. Some are finding themselves home with their children for the first time during the normal school times.

3. Some being laid off are finding themselves at home with their spouses continually and finding it difficult.

4. Some are having to eat their own cooking for once!! Stressful times

5. Paul reminds us that these moments must be redeemed and though it's not "normal" each moment still has

God-given purpose.

6. This phrase Paul uses here means to redeem or buy up for a specific purpose. So I have to intentionally

purchase this moment for my use, not in a selfish sense (like buying extra T-P for hoarding purposes :)) but

to make a purchase of this moment for a wise and sacred use for doing good for the glory of God.

7. Unless we intentionally make use of our moments for God they will simply drift away from us...empty,

unfulfilled, and never to return

8. The days are evil -- full of distractions -- full of worry -- full of unnecessary information.

9. Unless we intentionally live to imitate Jesus' productivity our lives will simply echo the emptiness and

hollowness of the world around us.

D. Walk as children of light

1. Time is heavy on the hands of some of us. What will we do with it?

2. If your children are home -- seize the day! Teach them things pertaining to life and godliness! Teach them to

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